List of BSNL Employees Unions & Associations

BSNL was formed in the year 2000 by the migration of Govt employees and officers from Govt departments like DOT.  It has a turnover exceeding 32000 crore Indian Rupees and is the third largest employer of manpower after armed forces and Indian Railway organization. After the entry of private multinational players, the company often incurred losses. Consulting agencies were engaged to reorganize operations, change strategies, improve manpower utilization and use of assets profitably.  Management adopted BPR in important areas of operations Union activity of former P&T employees began around hundred years ago with the formation of  All India Postal & RMS union and later on Union of P&T Workers (UPTW).

Present BSNL employees mostly belong to 33 trade unions out of which  8 non-executive unions, which are registered under the Trade Union legislation and some  11 executive associations also exist.

Non-executive unions include  those affiliated to prominent political parties such as

  • BSNLEU  CITU (CPM ) affiliated
  • FNTO: INTUC  (Congress) affiliated
  • NITU: AITUC  affiliated
  • BTUE: BMS  ( RSS-BJP affiliated)

In spite of political affiliation and rivalry, they generally work for employee rights with some amount of consensus and strive to improve the working conditions. Unions agree to demonstrate peacefully and use dialogue with management to maintain industrial harmony. The unions appreciate the fact that Industrial harmony is needed for survival and prosperity of the company in the scenario of Competition.  BSNL is obliged to provide telecom network to remote rural areas, for which it doesn’t receive compensation from the Central Govt.

Union membership strength is verified through the elections. To ensure fair election process election commission is also asked to conduct the verification.

The executive level associations generally represent the interests of officers and executives and contribute to industrial peace.

Forum of BSNL Unions-Associations

Name of UnionName of PresidentOfficial Website
BSNL Employee UnionComrade Balbir Singh

National Federation of Telecom EmployeesComrade Islam Ahmad

Sanchar Nigam Association of Telecom Technical AssistantsSri Rajendr Khanna

As an umbrella  association  of trade unions and executive associations has been taking up  pertinent issues related to  performance of BSNL, need to improve customer service by filling up vacant posts,  pension revision for retired employees, compensating BSNL  for losses sustained  for rural landline network, Transfer of land and other property to BSNL from DOT, merger of MTNL with BSNL etc.

Non- Executives  Trade Unions

BSNL Employee Union

BSNL Employee Union (BSNL EU) established in 2001, is the largest recognized trade union of BSNL.  Its General secretary VAN Namboodiri, has been taking leading part in uniting unions under forum of BSNL Unions/ associations in the fight to save BSNL. it is affiliated to CITU, supported by CPM.

Office bearers

  • Comrade  Balbir Singh,  All India President,
  • Comrade  Abhimanyu P,   Gen Secretary,
  • Comrade  S Chakraborty,   Dy Gen Secretary
  • Comrade Gakul Borah,   Treasurer

National Federation of Telecom Employees, NFTE

NFTE is one of the largest employee unions of BSNL. It has a great history, dating back to  P & T Union days. Today  it takes up  vital  issues related to new telecom policy  of the Govt,  as well as 7th Pay commission  report   implementation and merger of MTNL with BSNL National Federation of Telecom Employees has the following office bearers:

  • Comrade  Islam Ahmad,  All India President,
  • Comrade Singh C,   All India Gen Secretary,
  • Comrade Rajpal, All India  Secretary,
  • Comrade Seshadri   KS, All India   Secretary

SNATTASanchar Nigam Association of Telecom Technical Assistants

This is the trade union of   Junior Engineer/TTA cadre.  It is an active union involved with collective bargaining of pension benefits and implementation of 3rd pay revision committee report implementation.

  • All India  President:  Sri Rajendra Khanna
  • Vice presidents:  Sri I Jadhav, Sri Monish KP, Sri S Soni, Sri Nitya Jarlad A,
  • All Ind  Gen Secretory  Sri Anup Mukherjee,
  • Dy Genl Secretary: Sri S Gautham,
  • All India Treasurer: Sri Kandoria MK
  • All Ind Auditor:  Sri U Saini

The union wants to unite technical manpower such as Junior Engineers, Junior Technical Officers etc for idea generation, knowledge sharing, sharing experience, Use social media for quick dissemination of info, taking up issues at the appropriate level of management.

BSNL Executive Associations

Name of AssociationAll India PresidentOfficial Website
All India BSNL Executive AssociationSri Veeranjaneyulu

Sanchar Nigam Executive AssociationComrade AA Khan

All India graduate Engineer & Telecom officer associationShri Laxman Banoth

All India telecom executives & engineers associationShri Ashish Karn

All India BSNL Executive Association

It is the association of BSNL Group A & B executives.

Its office bearers are:

  • All India President: Sri  Veeranjaneyulu
  • All India Vice Presidents:  Sri   MM Rao,   Sri Murthy  DNS,
  • Circle Secretary:  Sri   Koteshwara  Rao
  • Fin secretary: Sri  Jain JC
  • Genl  Secretary:  Comrade Prahlad Rai

Most group B officers are members of this association. It was formed in 2004 by the merger of  DOT executive associations during 2004. The aim is to safeguard the interests of  BSNL executives such as executives of .finance.  accounts, civil elect mechanical architect,  They take up the matters related to customer service as well, in order to ensure the survival of BSNL.

 Sanchar Nigam Executive Association (SNEA)

SNEA is an executives association with largest executive membership.

Office bearers are:

  • Comrade  AA Khan:  All India  President
  • Comrade  SL Sharma: All India  Vice President
  • Comrade.Sebastin : All India  General Secretary
  • Comrade MS Dasul:  Dy Gen Secretary
  • Comrade  Rajan: All India  Treasurer

SNEA’s Membership is around 24000.

Deals with the demand of time bound promotion policy and fair transfer policies. The association also takes part collective bargaining with regard to filling of vacant posts, improving customer service for improving revenue, the merger of MTNL with  BSNL etc.

All India  telecom executives & engineers association

AITEEA  mainly takes care of executives who are directly hired by BSNL.

 AITEEA Office bearers:

  • Shri Ashish Karn  President  (All India)
  • Shri  M Singh, All India Gen Secretary
  • Shri Chaurasia A, All India Fin.  Secretary
  • Shri A Pandey,  Vice President
  • Shri  E  Siddhique, Vice President
  • Shri  J Nath,  Asst  Gen  Secretary
  • Shri Zamirul Hassan,  Asst Gen Secretary
  • Shri V Singh, Asst Gen Secretary
  • Shri V Kumar,  Asst Gen Secretary
  • Shri A Pathak Joint Secretary (Audit)

Association has a vision of collective consolidated executive strength under one banner, protecting and status and professionalism and respect for engineers/executives. It strives to resolve HR issues to make BSNL, international Telecom player and global leader. Sincere effort is made to recognize and address core issues without delay. Wants to contribute to better. Its mission is to urgently deal with issues of salary parity, superannuation benefit, fill vacancies promptly.

All India graduate Engineer  & Telecom officer association

Office bearers:

President: Shri Laxman Banoth,

Gen Secretary:   Shri Ravi Shil  Verma

Fin Secretary-Treasurer:  Shri Yogendra Jharwal

The vision of the association is to work for career progression of employee-executives, It also deals with   PF recovery issues,  parity of privileges with other association members, safeguard the member benefits of direct recruits, securing future prospects of recruits, superannuation benefits,  time-bound promotions and transparent policy on executive transfers.


If you are preparing to join BSNL, then information about unions  (from official websites) can be very valuable, because, in multi-union environment, you have to decide which union to join and how the issues are being resolved jointly by the unions and the management.

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