Expected salary of BSNL employees after 3rd PRC

The government of India had implemented the 7th Pay Commission committee report for the Central Government employees which will be effective from 01.01.2016. When you search about BSNL employee salary after 7th CPC on internet or Google, you find that many websites are providing wrong info related to BSNL Employees pay revision.

I want to inform you that 7th CPC is not applicable for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Employees. There is a separate Pay Revision for the PSU employees which is commonly known as Pay revision Committee or PRC. The Government of India already announced the formation of 3rd Pay Revision Committee for the next pay revision in Central Public sector Enterprises employees. The committee is headed by Justice Satish Chandra (Retired) & It has to submit the report to the Government within a period of six months from the date of constitution of the committee.

7th CPC benefit vs 3rd PRC

At the time of 2nd Pay revision committee formation government have instructed the PRC to keep in mind the 6th pay revision while making the recommendation for PSU employees. The CPC has proposed the fitment benefit of 24% to central Government employees & 3rd PRC has proposed the varying fitment benefit of 3% to 42% for the PSU employees but the government has decided to go with the uniform fitment of 30% to all CPSEs depending on the affordability.  Recently 7th CPC implemented for central government employees in which 15% fitment benefit extended for the government servants. Similarly, 3rd PRC also proposed the same fitment benefit of 15%  for the CPSE workforce.

BSNL Employees expected salary

As BSNL is not earning the profits, so the possiblity of 3rd Pay  revision in the company is less. If it implements 3rd PRC, it may extend partial fitment benefit to the executives & non executives of the compnay. Here is the calculation of fitment benefit in the case o partial fitment.

Fitment BenefitMultiplication factorRevised Basic pay from 01.01.2017
15%2.52425(Actual Basic Pay on 31.12.2016)X2.52425
10%2.4145(Actual Basic Pay on 31.12.2016)X2.4145
5%2.30475(Actual Basic Pay on 31.12.2016)X2.30475

So if we calculate the revised basic pay of the  JTO whose pay was 16400 on 31.12.2016.

His/her new Basic Pay (15% Fitment) = 16400X2.52425 = 41400

Revised Basic Pay (10% Fitment) = 16400X2.4145 = 39600 ~40000

Revised Basic Pay (5% Fitment) = 16400X2.30475 = 37800 ~ 40000

BSNL Revised pay scales

If you see the recent BHEL 3rd PRC order, the 10% fitment benefit was extended with the revised pay scales. If BSNL too extends lower fitment benefits i.e. 10% or 5%, the revised pay scales will remains same as notified by DPE.

Pay ScaleExistingExpected Revised Pay scale

Wage Revision for non-executives

Non-executive employee’s wages are revised by the CPSE itself. The management of  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has constituted the committee for the same on dated 26.12.2016. However, the fitment benefits for both executives and non-executives are kept equal.

BSNL TTA salary after wage revision

The largest Telecom PSU has recently conducted the recruitment process of Junior Engineer (Erstwhile TTA) on the NE-9 pay scale of 13600-25420. On taking fitment benefit of 15% the new starting basic pay against the 13600 would be 34330.

New Basic Pay of TTA = 13600 + 13600X119.5% + (13600 +13600X119.5%)X15%

=  34330

You may calculate the same for on the basis of 10% or 5% fitment benefit.

Here are the expected new pay scales of non-executives after pay revision in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

Pay ScaleExistingExpected Revised Pay scale
NE-17760 - 1332018900 - 35700
NE-27840 - 1470019200 - 36600
NE-37900 - 1488019300 - 39300
NE-48150 - 1534019900 - 40400
NE-58700 - 1684021200 - 43700
NE-69020 - 1743022000 - 45200
NE-710900 - 2040026600 - 53900
NE-812520 - 2344030500 - 61900
NE-913600 - 2542033200 - 67100
NE-1014900 - 2785036400 - 73200
NE-1116370 - 3063039900 - 80700

120 thoughts on “Expected salary of BSNL employees after 3rd PRC

  1. Sir, my mother have 12years more service as assistant telecom technician am I eligible for her post? What is process? My qualification is MBA

    • No, Earlier there was an easy to get the job in any govt department on compassionate ground. But now it is really difficult. So better to search prepare for a competitive exam like Bank PO, Clerk, PSC, etc.

    • The 3rd PRC proposal for BSNL employees is pending with Department of Telecommunication, so after approval of the same from DoT, the pay revision will be implemented for BSNL Executives and non-executives.

  2. Hi sir, I appeared in Bsnl jao exam and they mentioned 16,400 is the basic pay for E-1. My question here is if they implement 3rd PRC my basic will be around 40k so what about DA and what is my total salary???

    • The 3rd PRC not yet implemented in BSNL. If it is extended to BSNL Employees, your revised basic pay will be 40K per month. Apart from Basic pay, you will get IDA & HRA. The current rate for IDA is 3.8% & HRA (8%, 16%, and 24%) depending upon the posting location. Apart from this company will deposit 12% of the employees EPF account and few % for superannuation benefits.

  3. This is regarding obtaining NOC (No Objection Certificate). Is BSNL legally bound to give NOC to its employees if employee receives offer from another PSU/ISRO or BSNL can reject my request for providing NOC?

  4. Hi sir- I have done my document verification for JTO in the month of June 2017 (Also signed the Bond) but have delayed my JTO joining (which was in Nov 2017) on medical grounds. New joining date is in March 2018. Meanwhile, I have cleared IES Prelims and have received interview call from ISRO. So If I don’t join the BSNL…Then do I need to pay Rs. 2 lakh as mentioned in bond.

    -Also if I join BSNL in March 2018 and afterward if I clear ISRO. In this case, do I have to pay the bond amount or the Bond will be transfered PSU to PSU.

  5. Sir iam Dhinakaran.BA economics
    Working in cooli civil work helper. My father chennai BSNL TM. My father death for 7year finish. Iam job applying in 1year. I want any job for sir.my father job com or not com? Plz reply me waiting for 9445689337

  6. Sir, i am working as postal assistant in Department of Posts since last 6 years with basic pay 31500 after 7th pay commission. Please suggest me whether it will be benificial to join bsnl JTO ?

    • No, The current basic pay of JTO is 16400. As BSNL is at a loss so very less chance of 3rd PRC for the Employees. Better to prepare for a company which is extending the 24900 basic pay to new recruits.

  7. Hi Sir,
    Could you tell me which job is relaxed and comfortable JE BSNL OR TGT in KVS and which one has high salary by what amount?
    And salary of TGT in KVS in 6th and 7th pay commission?

  8. NE-10 and NE-11 pay scales are for which employees in BSNL?
    As JEs are being recruited on NE-9 ( 13600 – 25420) pay scale and it is the top most cadre among non executives. After that JTOs (next cadre after JEs) they are being recruited on E1(16400-40500). Then why there are NE-10 and NE-11 pay scales?
    Please tell me

    • This is only a rumour. The 7th CPC is not for BSNL employees, there is a separate pay revision (3rd PRC) for BSNL employees. As BSNL is in heavy losses so it is not eligible for the 3rd PRC.

  9. Sir my basic pay is RS 16400 and my gross pay is RS 42000..So, What will be my gross pay and arrerss after the 3rd PRC come in effect as a BSNL employee …Thank you!

  10. Sir, i am a BSNL employ and my salary is RS 42000…I want to know what will be my salary after 3rd PRC….Thank you!

    • 3rd PRC may not possible in BSNL due to its financial health. However, after 2 or 3 years, same may be implemented. Your revised basic pay will be 106000 w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

    • BSNL doesn’t meet the affordability criteria, so there are less chances of PRC in the company. However, it will surely implement the same in the event of earning profits.

    • Yes, you can join other PSU.
      For bond transfer, you must have applied to other PSU by intimating the higher authorities. At the time of the interview, you need to take NOC from parent department. After the successful selection, you can ask for transfer of bond.

  11. sir. my questions are…
    1. when the training of bsnl jto 2017 will be started ?
    2. what is the gross salary and in-hand salary of bsnl jto 2017 during training period?
    3. by what date document verification will be ended in all the circles ?
    thanking you..

    • As BSNL already mentioned in the result that training of BSNL JTO may start from July 2017.
      During Training period candidate will get 35k per month.

  12. suppose 3 prc no chance for bsnl so we will joining bsnl jto after implimented 3prc .
    what is the my basic pay?

    • 3rd PRC may not implement in BSNL near future but after few years it will surely implement in BSNL too. Before pay revision, it will be 16400 and after 3rd PRC, revised basic pay of BSNL JTO would be 40000.

    • There is no chance of 3rd PRC in BSNL but whenever Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited start earning profit, then the pay revision may be implemented in Government Telecom Company.

  13. sir, my questions are
    1. what will be the salary of bsnl jto through gate-2017 during training period?
    2. will the 3rd pay revision be applicable to bsnl jto employees. (because i heard that 3rd PRC may not be applicable to loss making psu’s like bsnl etc.)

    • BSNL JTO will get around 35k during training period.
      There is no chance of 3rd PRC in BSNL but whenever Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited start earning profit, then the pay revision may be implemented in Government Telecom Company.

  14. sir please can you tell what will be the salary of junior engg who is having training now from april 2017…are they eligible for 3rd prc??

  15. Sir,
    Right now i am very confuss reading about salaries. Can you please tell me the in hand salary of bsnl jto freasher after prc and before prc.

  16. Sir,
    I am working in bihar je(electrical) i am from bihar. Got selected in jto from odisha circle. Where should i join?? Pl help

    • Check the salary difference before and after the becoming JTO.
      If Bihar is your home state you have to wait for many years to come back from Odisha.
      Analyze both the points and take the decision.

  17. sir , here it is written basis pay of tta will be 35 k around after 3rd prc and in one of your replies i read that in hand salary of tta will be 35 k after 3rd prc .. will you plz explain .and what is the total salary of JE now (after training before 3rd PRC)??

    • Actually gross salary before 3rd PRC is 35k to 40k. But after implementation of pay revision which is effective from 01.01.2017, new basic pay would be 35K. The gross pay may be around 45k to 50k provided that the pay revision guidelines implemented as it is.

    • The current gross salary of BSNL JTO is approx 50k. As 3rd PRC has recommended 15% fitment benefit for all PSU employees. So after implementation of 3rd PRC revised gross will be around 60K.

  18. sir,
    pls tell what is the current salary of JAO who joined in 2010? nearly 7 yrs of experiance, he is saying his salary is 40000 only. take home is 33000

    • The 3rd PRC report is under consideration. The Department of Public Enterprises will issue a pay revision order for all PSUs. After that individual PSU may issue orders for their employees.


    • 3rd PRC will be applicable from 01.01.2017. In this regard, report already submitted to Government of India. We are expecting very soon it will be mad public.

      • Where is the report.
        No website is providing any information about the 3rd PRC.
        And what about the cafeteria approach.

        • This is the estimated pay scales or salary after revision. The final figure may vary from the implementation of the 3rd PRC report.

  20. Sir I got a list that is regarding special recruitment drive that was conducted in 2016 Feb…and I am selected for Maharashtra circle but there is no intimation from bsnl and in that list document verification date is over…so please give me suggestion what I have to do…

    • You should write a letter or file an RTI to the concerned officer regarding the status of the exam which was conducted in Feb 2016. They will tell you everything. As per my opinion, RTI is the best option to get information from the government department.

    • Sir thanks for your suggestion I have called to Maharashtra circle and they said you are selected for srd-tta recruitment in second list we will inform you after approval from New Delhi…..but as I saw in list already training is started from 15-01-2017…

  21. sir,
    it has already half of month passed when the JTO application form will come in the official website is there any problems with selection through GATE.

    • No, there is no chance of separate BSNL JTO exam as the government company already declared in newspapers that it will consider the GATE score for the recruitment of JTOs.

  22. Sir,
    I am selected as JE in BSNL in recently held examination.

    1. Can DoT cancel this recruitment? I am really scared.

    2. What will we get in hand after 3rd PRC. Is it 35K?

    • BSNL JE recruitment not yet canceled. Don’t worry, just the process got halted due to some administrative reason which might be a court case or anything. As BSNL has invested huge money in it so it’s not going to be canceled. After implementation of 3rd PRC, BSNL JE in hand salary would be 35K per month.

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