BSNL TTA/JE Career, Job profile, Growth opportunities

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited had published an official advertisement for the post of Junior Engineer Class-III post in the pay band of NE-9 i.e. 13600- 25420. As a Diploma Engineers, the BSNL Telecom Technical Assistant Job is really a great choice because a candidate can select the working state & even district and many times after the selection they can be posted in the hometown after completion of 5 years of regular service.

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The interested candidates who want to work in the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited as a Junior Engineer may be eager to know the career graph & growth opportunity in the government telecom company.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is the largest Telecom sector PSU of Government of India. It has the presence everywhere in our Country. So there is a high probability that you may get posted in your hometown. This is the biggest advantage Junior Engineer (Erstwhile TTA) Job.

TTA career in BSNL

After passing the BSNL Telecom Technical Assistant Examination, the selected candidates get call letter for document verification and medical examination. The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited competent authority will issue the name of hospital & place for the medical test. A valid certificate needs to submit in the company for the fitness.

The Telecom Technical Assistant training period is of 10 weeks and he/she get paid stipend during the classroom training. After the completion of the training, he/she get provisionally appointed as Junior Engineer in BSNL.

The different job profiles for Junior Engineer are described as below. Junior Engineer (Telecom) has a wide scope of working, the various sections where they may be posted are as follows.


The transmission section Junior Engineer maintains the Optical Fiber cable faults, various sophisticated transmission equipment, makes the chart for the schedule & preventive maintenance of the machinery installed in the section. S/he will get guidance from the superiors whenever necessary.

Here a Junior Engineer has scope to learn about different transmission architectures, technologies and commissioning various systems.


The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited outdoor Junior Engineer is responsible for provisioning and installation of new telephone & broadband connection. They also attend the fault in case of any service break breakdown reported by the customer. S/he gets a line staff for this above-mentioned task which will directly report to Junior Engineer.

Data Centers

BSNL uses the best software for product  & service, material & manpower management. This profile is similar to a software job engineer. It is a right place for Electronics, Computer & IT diploma holders to work.

Mobile Communication

Mobile communication is the best field to work for fresh graduates or diploma holders. Mobile communication technologies are changing very fast and hence telecom service providers have to upgrade their network according to demand & competition in the market. So candidates posted here to get the knowledge & work exposure of newest mobile technology in minimum time.


This is an indoor job and here a Junior Engineer is required to maintain the Switching and operation under his exchange. Generally, there can be more than one exchange connected to the switch, JE is responsible for taking the exchange backup and troubleshooting and daily routine jobs which include monitoring the status of all the exchanges connected to it, creating and deleting Landline telephone numbers etc.

Broadband or the Internet

This is a core area where a Junior Engineer works with routers and complex databases which provide data services for BSNL. The job profile includes programming complex routers DSLAMs, configuring VPN (Virtual private network) monitoring the connectivity with next level switches.

Apart from above-mentioned areas or sections, newly recruited TTAs can be posted in Computer, Network maintenance, Marketing, Customer service centers etc.

Hence the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has the variety of jobs to grow as a bright professional in the telecom sector.

BSNL JE Career Growth

Here is the post hierarchy from JE onwards in BSNL.

JE or TTA ->JTO -> SDE -> DE -> DGM

BSNL Telecom Technical Assistant or Junior Engineer Career Job profile Growth opportunities

After 5 years of regular service as a Junior Engineer in BSNL, the Telecom Technical Assistant get the opportunity to appear in the Limited Internal Competitive Examination for the post of Junior Telecom Officer. The cadre hierarchy from Junior Engineer onward is represented here.

A Junior Telecom officer may appear in the limited departmental competitive examination for the post of Sub-Divisional Engineer.

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  1. Hello sir
    I’m a mechanical engineer, what is my job with BSNL?
    Can we get a junior engineer’s job in BSNL
    please tell me

    • There is no minimum % criteria for BSNL JTO/JE post. You must have the passing certificate of minimum qualification.

  2. Sir,
    If i get place in merit in my state .
    Will my district get the first priority?
    I am from MH
    Just give me a clear idea of how is posting done , does it depend upon meRit or something else?

    • It depends on the number of vacant position in a district/SSA. So if you want to work in a district, give your request to HR Section at Circle/State Office.

  3. Sir i got selected as je in maharashtra circle but iam from andhrapradesh.. after completion of how many years i may get transferred to Andhra pradesh, if so possible for that what can i have to do.?

    • Hello Mr. Shekar,
      I was qualified as JE in 3rd merit list from Andhra Pradesh. But i want posting in Maharashtra, as my husband is working in MH. Plz provide ur contact details .
      Thank You

  4. Sir kindly tell me ,how many leaves can be availed by bsnl je in field training?.(as i have completed already 2 weeks of it).

  5. I got selected in BSNL je in Chennai and currently, I am working in TCS and also preparing for gate 2018 in Delhi?
    I am in confusion should I join bsnl je or continue with tcs or can I extend my joining date in bsnl is in August I am also taking coaching in weekend days./My joining date will be around the end of August still my 40% syllabus is remaining and in bsnl sat is also working?

  6. Namaste Sir Ji,
    Sir, my TTA induction training started from 22/09/2008 and ended on 28/11/2008. My joining date was 29/11/2008 after training. My annual increment date is 1/09/2008(in NE-9 Pay scale). After completion of 8 years, as per Non executive promotion policy, from which date my up-gradation in the next scale(NE-10) will be effected, is it from 22/09/2016 (increment month) or from 29/11/2016(Joining)?

    • I know there are many posts in many Govt departments where a color blind person may work. But rules are made by Govt are very old and not reviewed. You can take example of PH candidates, they are posted in a Office job work. So in a similar way you can find job in BSNL. But for that you need to approach in court and file Writ petition or PIL. Before that you need to consult with Lawyer.

  7. sir,
    1. upto which post generally JE goes by promotion if anyone join at the age of 23? there is any time bound promotion policy?
    3. staff quarters are available at all ssa of any circle?
    4.apart from salary bonus,TA,PRP available or not?

    • JE can go up to AGM (Assistant General Manager) post in BSNL.
      Yes, there is tie bound financial up-gradation policy in BSNL.
      Staff quarters are available in every SSA.
      As BSNL is in heavy losses, so there is no bonus for employees.

      • sir ,i have one more query please comment—what will be basic pay of je after 3rd prc. if 15% fittment follow?
        as i am calculated it will be 13600+(120%of 13600)+15% (basic+d.a)=34500.
        iam correct or not?

  8. Good morning sir, i have a doubt , i am selected as bsnl je in odisha circle. But i am from andhra pradesh.. i am bothering about official quarters(accommodation) ..are they providing quarters to even rural posted employees????
    Please give me reply

  9. Sir I am selected in BSNL DR JE (sept-2016). Now I have undergone DV and made a Bond. Being optimistic if I get selected in DR JTO through GATE 2017 in other circle do I need to break the Bond ?? Please Help.

    • BSNL JE-2016 recruitment is not over yet. After completion of the this the company may issue notification for the next recruitment.

    • Sir , please help me. I am in deep dillema. I am selected in NTR circle as bsnl JE and has to go through DV process before 15march. And most probably joining will be mid April.
      Sir , I have cleared ESE(IES) prelims and mains exam is on 14th of may. I am very serious about it. Is there any possibility that I can extend my joining by 1months or more.

      • Please discuss the issue with BSNL authorities during the document verification process. They may help you. If not then request them to put your name in the last batch training list.

  10. Dear Sir, i am not actually asking that.
    Is ‘Employment Certificate of Surety’ in Bond Agreement required for those who have left job or mandatory for all candidates ?

  11. Dear sir, is ‘Employment Certificate of Surety’ required in Bond sign of BSNL JE ? Is it for those who have left previous job or mandatory for all candidates ?

    • The medical certificate is issued by CMO of the district and same has to submitted by the Candidate to BSNL office during document verification. I don’t think they strictly with the minor issues.

      • Sir I am suffering from myopia, my glasses power is -8D, on both eyes, I am not eligible for lasik surgery. Fortunately I don’t have colour blindness. is it create any problem in the medical test in BSNL JE recruitement process, plz suggest me sir, I am very tensed about that.

        • Hi swarnalathaji
          I have same problem as you. I want to know that whether you have cleared medical test or not? Please reply. I am selected in 3rd list of DR JE.

  12. Hello Sir,
    first of all thank you for giving valuable guidance.
    How is the growth for us working as bsnl je?
    what would be in hand salary during training and after training?
    will they provide accommodation(government facility) while working as bsnl je, where they will post us?
    Thank you in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sir, I have been selected in Kerala circle in the ongoing BSNL JE recruitment.. I have not yet received any Letter from BSNL..
    I know the last date for receipt of official letter is 15 Feb, but still I am worried.
    Shall I wait for the letter or should I contact someone. Please help me out sir
    Thanking you

    • You can directly contact to Kerala Circle Office Recruitment section. You will get the contact details of recruitment section on BSNL Kerala circle official website.

    • It is going to take minimum 1 year from as of now to implement the 3rd PRC in different PSU. So you would get stipend with existing scales only. The total stipend amount will be around 29k per month.

    • The work mentioned in the article is for JE Telecom. JE Electrical is responsible for maintenance of power equipment at Offices, Exchanges, Data centers etc.

    • The job training for government departments is not tough. The company conducts training to provide the basic info about products, services offered & technology used. The training courses are very basic in nature.

    • TATA steel is a private job whereas BSNL JE is a Govt post. I would suggest you compare the salary & career profile of both these jobs & take the decision.

    • There are many training centers in BSNL. BSNL will make the schedule as per their requirements. However, you can discuss this with their officers during document verification.

  14. Sir,
    Today, I’ve seen a new pdf result of bsnlje declared by corperate office. In that, from OBC category, last mark was 70 and i have 77, still am not in. Is it a revised result or not.

  15. Sir,
    I am in OBC category from kerala. I am not qualified in bsnl je as my mark is 77 but attained cut off. Will there any hope for me to be in waiting list.

    • If somebody from Kerala circle does not join the JE job then seat may be allotted to as per waiting list. What is your position on the waiting list? If you don’t know please get the exact position of waiting list by filling online RTI application.

  16. Sir,
    I am a EEE graduate and got selected in recent Bsnl je exam. I request you to please guide me about the training period and curriculam of TTA. I have problem working on computer and thus want to know if this post ( during training session and any field where girls are generally posted after training)demands working on computer.

    • You have to appear for 10 weeks classroom induction training after that 4 weeks of the job training. After successful completion of training, you will be posted according to the vacancy available on a section/department/city.

  17. Sir , I have cleared bsnl je exam but as the recruitment is delayed, I m worried wether it will got cancelled.. I have surpassed the age of 30 this November so little options left for govt. Jobs … Can you plz suggest me other available govt jobs for above 30 yrs… Little hope left with this BSNL JE ..

  18. Sir I also cleared bsnl je….if I give priority to fci Mt…..then is it easy to switch from Mt to jto…or I select je….because I like technical line…

  19. Sir let me know which is better jto in bsnl or management trainee(depot) in fci……i cleared the interview of Mt in FCI and now I m preparing for jto in bsnl….then what should I do……. please help me?

  20. I WORKED IN Department of telecom as ITS group A recruited through ITS batch 2003.

    • Did you get selected for Naval dockyard chargeman post. Naval chargeman is Cetntral Govt job which is more secure than BSNL. Salary is almost same for the both of the post.

  21. Sir, is it possible to prepare for eng. Services after recruitment as bsnl tta. Please suggest some thing that will aid me in preparing for ese wrt tta job profile, i have just cleared bsnl tta 2016.

    • Congrats. Most of the jobs doesn’t require the theoretical knowledge. However if you want to work in other PSUs/BSNL at executive post, then prepare for GATE2017.

  22. Sir
    Which one is better :
    Junior enginneer @Bsnl or
    Graduate engineer at ITI (indian tephone industries)LIMITED on 5yr contract and extendible upon requirement ??
    Which has better future and job,security??

    • BSNL is better than ITI. ITI Limited is in deep losses, so it may get close down by GoI. Last pay revision implemented thereon 1997. The employee of ITI Limited couldn’t get the benefit of 2nd PRC due to financial condition of Company. So better to go where you have more job security.

  23. Sir, I have cleared BSNL TTA 2016 exam. I am selected in Assam Circle. Where will be my training held and when will it start ? Because Sir, I am preparing for GATE and hoping that it will start after GATE , which is on 11th Feb. If joining comes before 11th Feb, can I request them to postpone my joining as in the notification it is written that we can request them to postpone the joining by 15 days in some situations??

    • You have to contact to respective circle office for the postponement of the training. During the document verification time, you can discuss the same with BSNL Officials.

    • Probation period is for two years, it means you will be an permanent employee of the company after completing two years of the service. But you need to stay for 5 years in first posting location. Same is also mentioned in BSNL JE official advertisement.

  24. how much basic will approx. increase for je ? at present it is 13600.
    and it is true that je will merge in E1 grade of bsnl?please clarify…

  25. Sir., i wasalso selected for je bsnl.i am from kerala.but applied for thamilnadu after how many years i can apply for tranfer to kerala..what are the tests that we need for medical examination…i have some ecg it will effect my job..pls replay..

    • After becoming JTO, you can apply for transfer to Kerala circle. Don’t worry about medical test as it is very common medical/fitness test.

  26. at present what is the in hand salary figure in bsnl and railway junior engineer, what is the promotion opportunity between bsnl and railway junior engineer,kindly help me sir about it as soon as possible

    • Railway JE Job is pure central Govt which is more secure than BSNL. As BSNL is in loss so no bonus or perks are available for BSNL employees. Whereas Railway give you all these.

  27. Hi sir I’m completed 2nd puc after that I join Hard were and networking courses like redhat,ccna,mcsa,and ch,A+,N+.can I apply for bsnl jobs sir

    • Diploma in Engg, Degree in Engg, MCA, BSc Electronics or MSc Electronics are mandatory for BSNL JTO or JE jobs. Without these qualification you can’t apply for BSNL JTO/JE post job.

    • Congrats Amit. BSNL authorities will send you the letter regarding document verification. At the time of verification, you can meet with BSNL authorities personally. You can ask them about the further process of appointment in BSNL. They are the best person to guide you in above matter.

  28. Sir my name is sekhar,,am belongs to OBC CATEGORY in ANDHRA PRADESH STATE,,,,and I applied for TAMILNADU circle,,,,while filling application form I filled community as OBC in TAMILNADU circle also,,,,,will it create any problem….

  29. Regarding medical examination, is there any specific criteria about eye sight ? Such as only those under 2D power are selected or such. Worried about it.

  30. Sir,
    Since there were some errors in the answer key provided by bsnl in JE exam.. I am from open category getting 140 marks from maharashtra circle…if those errors by bsnl are corrected and 120 if not corrected… What are my chances of selection?

  31. Hi sir ,

    I have completed MSc.(Information Technology).Am I Eligible for Bsnl JTO job???
    And also am I eligible to give gate exam for said position??

  32. sir, i m a pursuing student(final year) my degree will finish by 2017( may) But i already gave the the TTA exam through diploma.. and hope that i will get a good score. Is there any possibilities that i will get a chance to compete my degree..if a request is made to the company..and i want to know when the company is going to start its tanning period of 10 weeks.

    • You will get posted in Andhra Pradesh only, but the place of posting will be decided by BSNL management depending on the number of vacancies in different towns.

  33. How many years it will take to become JTO from tta based on seniority and through departmental exams
    give complete pictures and scope of promotions in detail manner. and transfers from state to state

  34. Hi sir,
    Iam from AP.
    I applied for tamilnadu circle. If I got more marks then I can choose circle as AP during document it possible?

      • Hi sir ,
        Thanking you for giving me reply.
        I have some question
        Training centers list?
        Where should training place this time?
        Weather all are trained at same training center?

    • Hii unnan,,,this is sekhar,,,which caste you chosen in TAMILNADU circle while filling application form,,,I wanna talk with you about this,,,,my contact number 8328520471

    • BSNL is not going to shut down in near future. Be positive. They companies which are in heavy losses and declared as a sick PSU by the government, don’t notify vacancies for fresh recruitment.

  35. Sir,

    I have heard that this time jto selection is done through gate 2017. Is that correct or bsnl will conduct separate exam for jto. And also can you mention how many posts are there for jto in andhra pradesh circle.

    • Yes, there is no separate examination for BSNL JTO Recruitment. You need to appear in GATE 2017 for appointment in BSNL. There is no official notification about circle wise vacancies position.

  36. 1.what will be the salary of je during training period ? since i heard that the salary will be only basic pay that is 13k something but as you said in above comment salary will be of 25k so kindly give me the detail on it.
    2.also, i thinking that i will score 100 marks in this exam from oc category of maharashtra circle so will there any chances of getting selected ?

  37. what will be the cut off for the maharashtra circle ?
    as i am getting 102 marks as oc category so will i eligible ?
    also, when will the result declare ?
    and as u said above that the during training period salary will be 25k but somewhere i read that the during training period salary will be only basic pay that is 13k around so kindly provide me the solution for this.

    • You have to clear sectional cut off marks as well as qualifying marks of the BSNL TTA examination. If more than required candidates cleared both the cut-off, then a separate merit list will be prepared state wise & top candidates will be called for the appointment in BSNL.
      Selected candidates will get around 25K (Basic Pay + DA) during the training period.

  38. Dear sir
    I am from AP if i qualify bsnl je exam will I get posting in any of the districts in AP alone or posting may be anywhere across India? Are there any facilities for ladies to get transfer before 5 years in case they get married?

    • You will be posted in AP only on selection in BSNL TTA exam. To get before 5 years you have to search a candidate which is willing to take the mutual transfer with you.

  39. after selection in online test
    if i m eligible as i understood BSNL will provide stipend during training period (what will be the amount)
    its less than the scale mentioned in notification?
    how many days will be the training period.
    when will be the result approximately will be published

    • Yes, BSNL will provide stipend during training period. Amount will be around 25k per month.
      Duration of the training period is 14 weeks. Result may be published in month of Nov 2016.

  40. Sir
    1. what are the promotion norms for JE to JTO promotion (min no of years) and for JTO to SDE and their eligibility criteria as per approved promotional norms.
    2. Does inter SSA transfer is possible after 2 years of service completion.

    • JE/TTA to JTO take normally 5 to 6 years of time through internal competitive exam. JTO to SDE take 3 to 5 years of time, that is also through internal examination.
      As per BSNL TTA recruitment notification, appointed candidates have to serve 5 years at first posting place. So after 5 years of service TTA/JE get eligible for transfer to other district or SSA.

    • Last time vacancies were notified in 2014. Now after 2 years current BSNL JE recruitment is going on. So most probably it will be notified again in 2018.

    • You have to study thoroughly at least 3 or 4 subject to cross the cut off marks of specialization paper. Syllabus is common for all streams candidates so there will be a same paper for all streams candidates.

    • The term Gazette cadre is used with pure central Govt Jobs like DRDO, DoT, Engineering Services, BARC. For PSU job like BSNL, MTNL, NTPC, ONGC and many more there is no Gazette post or cadre. Only executives & non executives cadre are there.

  41. is there good scope for computer science engineer in bsnl. i have applied for je is there any growth or i should also try something . and what will be the work of computer science engineer can we get the work according to our interest like software development.

    • There is no separate work for different streams candidates. All selected candidates have to work in different departments according to vacancy position wise. For Junior Engineers career is better in BSNL as compare to other Govt PSUs.

  42. sir i have completed my btech from computer science engineering. i have applied for junior engineer.
    after the selection for je position can i try next for jto.

  43. sir
    can i change my circle from himachal pradesh to another state ?
    what is the expected time of jto notification?
    please guide
    thank you

  44. Sir I have color vision defect already had medical problems in railways and in PSU like power grid and ntpc. Will there be any in bsnl TTA and jto?? I am already mentally disturbed and frustrated. Please help me

  45. I read from comments that it takes 4 months for the recruitment process. Is that from the date of examination? Sir can you tell me when will the training start? By December? Since I already have an offer from an IT company its leading me to confusion whether to wait or not.

  46. I missed my print copy of the application form, i have the payment slip and login ID and Password.
    How to get/generate the application print copy please help on this… is it important to havea this application copy during the examination or direct hall ticktet is enough. Please guide me on this.

    • Training examinations are not for rejection of candidates. Every Govt & private company conducts basic training for fresh recruits. So don’t worry about it.

    • BSNL authorities will send you a call letter after successful selection in examination. They will also send you the training schedule, Documents verification procedure etc through letter.

  47. Rather than giving department promotional exam…any other means or promotion from je to jto…like time based promotion…. Thanks

  48. Hi,
    Thank u in advance for giving valuable guidence to bsnl aspirants.
    I am little confused of bsnl exam..if you can help
    I have just completed my postgraduate from well reputed college in India and placed in tcs in eis core section.
    Is it worthy for me to go for bsnl junior engineer? Or to go for bsnl jto

    • You should try for BSNL JTO rather than TTA or JE job. Also keep in mind that growth in Govt sector is smooth whereas in software its zigzag.

  49. sir i am computer diploma holder sofor tta exam in specilision section there is only computer related subject are there or all branches subjects for exam

  50. sir, i completed my btech in (EEE) electrical stream.
    Am i eligible for JTO-Telecom exam or can we expect seperate notification for JTO-Electrical by the end of this year 2016?

    • Yes you are eligible for BSNL JTO electrical examination 2016. Notification might be the same for JTO Electronics, Civil & Electrical streams.

    • It is best job for Diploma Holders boys & girls of E&C streams. You shouldn’t believe on false rumors. Its is a very safe, secure & respectable job.

  51. hello sir,
    1) I completed btech in EEE(electrical) stream. Am i eligible for upcoming JTO-telecom exam (or)
    2) can we expect seperate notification for JTO(electrical) this year i.e, by the end of 2016?

    pls reply me..

    • Yes you are eligible for BSNL JTO electrical examination 2016. Notification might be the same for JTO Electronics, Civil & Electrical streams.

  52. Syllabus for junior engineer and syllabus for JTO (coming on probably December 2016)Will be same??
    Actually I am preparing for junior engineer.Will this study material helpful for JTO(junior technical officer ) as well or there will be different syllabus??

    • Syllabus of BSNL Junior Engineer exam is of diploma level course whereas for JTO exam it is of degree level. JTO exam paper level is almost equivalent to GATE paper. So you have to study very hard for JTO examination.

  53. Thank You Sir for providing this information.
    Sir, I have completed my diploma in Computer Engineering 2 years ago and I plan to give the exam next year(2017).
    I have few questions…
    1.So just wanted to ask whether BSNL will conduct exam to hire JE for next year as well?
    2.Also, if a candidate is selected for training,is their another exam conducted by them during training?
    3.I am a little weak in electronics(theory wise), but I love networking field so is someone like me capable to apply for this post?
    4. Do they give an option of selecting departments(since I am more into Computer operating and Networking stuff) while appointing the new JE?
    5. Is the new JE eligible for applying for senior posts If he doesn’t have a graduate degree? I, myself, have only a diploma certificate,so not having a graduate (B.E/B.Tech degree) will be a problem in future?

    • 1. Last time TTA exam was conducted in year 2013-14 so chances of exam in next year is less.
      2. Yes BSNL takes exams during training period but they are not to reject any candidates. So don’t worry about those internal exams.
      3. Yes if you fulfil the eligibility criteria, you are eligible to apply.
      4. No you are not asked for your choice of department as posting is done on the basis of vacant post in department. But you can request for transfer to your favorite department.

  54. I am. BE electrical candidate so whats scope for me in JE(tta)?
    What is starting monthly salery (overall). And final salery ? For maharashtra circle ?
    Is it stable job? Or. Need to go daily for comissioning or other on site ?
    pls reply …

  55. I am BE electrical candidate
    So what is scope for me in JE (tta)?
    And is it a stable job ?
    After joining whats a monthly salery overall ?

  56. Is it possible that a person qualifying the upcoming tta(je) exam can join as jto if he also qualify upcoming jto exam (notification yet to come) without breaking the bond?

          • Sir, what is the certainty of jto recruitment notification by Bsnl this year?/actually i lready have a job offer from an MNC also.. But I am interested in gov sector.. If I commit to MNC I ‘ll b unable to switch back to gov for at least 2 years..
            So what if I quit MNC nd commit to Bsnl jto prep now??
            Plss guide!!

          • You can join the MNC & parallely prepare for BSNL JTO examination. It is expected to be held in the end of this year.

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