Career options for 12th Science PCM students

Most of the students prefer engineering course after 12th. So, are you one of those students who is planning to pursue engineering? If your answer is yes, then here we have listed all the engineering course that you can opt right after completing 12th.

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Electrical is the evergreen branch of engineering that deals with and explores electricity technology. This course offer the study of electrical machines, systems, plants, and grids. It involves work like circuit design, system design, machine design & development, plant and grid maintenance and installation etc.

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If you are interested in in-depth electric principles and concepts, electrical engineering is made for you. Also, as it’s a core branch, you can secure your career and future with this branch. It’s one of those engineering branches that offers more opportunities in government sectors as compared to private. PSUs are the great example of job opportunities. Some reputed Pvt. And govt. Sectors are IES, Philips, NTPC etc.


It’s one of the evergreen core branches of engineering. It is all about automobiles and mechanical machines & system. It involves the study of construction, design, and use of mechanical devices and machines. It involves work like manufacturing of machines, maintenance, designs implementation, machine development etc.

The demand for mechanical engineering graduate never hits bottom and it remains always on top. It offers so many opportunities in government sectors and private sectors as well. That’s the reason, individuals usually call it the king of engineering branches.

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Civil Engg is all about designing and construction-related facilities.The course offers education and skills regarding designing, planning, construction and raw material. The civil industry work includes designing and launching facilities, bridge construction, building and highway, damn constructions etc.

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If you are the person who loves constructing things with your creativity, civil engineering is best for you. It will give you opportunities in various construction and development sectors. Also, the demand for civil engineering graduates in government sectors remains high usually. Thus, it can offer you dream career and profession job to do well in future. Some reputed civil industries are L&T, Jaypee Group, DMRC etc.

Electronics and Communication

Electronics and communication is the branch of engineering that deals with the study electronic devices, circuits, communication devices, and equipment etc. It involves technical and creative works like circuit designing, device and communication equipment manufacturing, device maintenance, trouble shootouts, device development and research.

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These days, there is huge competition in telecommunication and electronics sector. As every day there is new telecommunication and electronic companies establishing in India. As a result of that ECE graduates are needed to fill the vacancies. You can expect satisfactory salary and other benefits with this branch of engineering. Also, ECE doesn’t have much scope in government sector but when it’s about private sector no other branch can beat the opportunities. Some repute industries are SAMSUNG, Airtel, Aditya Birla Group (idea) etc.


It offers education that is the combination of almost all the core engineering branches including telecommunications, electrical, electronics.

Basically, it is the combination of Mechanical engineering and Electronics engineering, thus named Mechatronics engineering. As you can see, it offers skills in both mechanical and electricals branch of engineering, you can expect opportunities in both the field. Also, electrical and mechanical both the fields are known as king branches of engineering and thus opting Mechatronics engineering can be a great decision for you on the basis of your interest.

Computer Science

Its one of popular and demanded branch of engineering that offers study in computer networking and programming. As the name suggests, CSE is all about dealing with computational theory and computational system design. Also, you can consider computer science engineering as a subfield of electronics & communication.

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If you are the kind of person who finds the computer-based concepts and things really interested, you should opt it for sure. CSE engineers have lots of scope and opportunities in this modern technological world as they are in demand by various sectors. Although, if you want to get into government sector, probably you should not opt it. It has lots of opportunities in private sector and also you will be getting great salary packages, but there are very fewer job opportunities in government sector.

Information Technology

It is the branch of engineering that deals with the study of utilizing telecommunication and computer to control, store, gather, circulate and research the information. It includes both software and hardware-based information technology. The kind of job opportunities in this field is testing, maintenance, and development of IT software. You must be aware of present IT professional demand.

There is a huge opportunity available but there is competition as well. If you have similar basic skills that you want to explore, IT is there for your need. Here you will get good salary packages, with time growth, the only drawback is opportunities 8n government sector. Some reputed IT industries in India are Birlasoft, Infosys, Steria etc.


Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that reveals the secrets of the chemical. It offers the study of principles of chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics to solve production and usage-based problems associated with chemicals, fuel, food, drugs etc. Its one of the widest engineering branch that has endless research and study. The more you will know, the more you will want to know.

The chemical engineering academics will not let you bore, it will be interesting throughout for you. Also, the kind of job opportunities it offers is really great.


Its one of the type of engineering course with an aim to manufacture objects using non-metallic and inorganic materials. For the manufacturing process, this branch of engineering involves high temperatures and precipitation reactions through the quality solution of chemicals.

Ceramic engineering is one of the overlooked branches but offers great opportunities and future scope. Ceramic industries are growing industries in India and therefore you can expect more opportunities in future with time.


Aeronautical is one of the interesting engineering branches that involves the study, design, manufacture, and maintenance of machines that are flight-capable.

An aeronautical engineer is responsible for all the above-stated tasks and works with respect to respective aeronautical department and project. It’s another excellent and demanded engineering branch. This course is offered by several reputed universities and institutions including IITs and NITs. The kind of job government and private job opportunities this branch offer is basically the dream of various engineering aspirants.


It’s another engineering branch that offers study in agriculture equipment and machinery design, improvement, and construction. The key role of agriculture engineers is to solve issues regarding the efficiency of equipment and machinery, power supply, structure uses and facilities, environment and pollution issues.

The demand for the services offered by agriculture engineering remains stable in all the financial ups and downs and thus the opportunities remain unaffected. If you want to do something for formers and your nation, this field is the best way to utilize your technical skills and offer efficient equipment and solutions.


Its one of the core branch of engineering that deals with the extraction of minerals from the earth in an environmentally friendly and safe way by using mechanical principles and modern science and technology. The key roles of mining engineers include mine mechanization, mine surveying, and several other roles.

This engineering branch offers adventurous job opportunities that are risky as well. However, it’s one of the best engineering branches that can help you to get a really bright career with eye-catching salary packages and facilities.


This branch of engineering is also known as bioprocess engineering. Its basically a subpart of chemical engineering that deals with industrial processes based on the cells of living organisms and the components.

If you like and understand chemical equations, formulas, reactions, and principles, you have sufficient basic skills to get into chemical engineering. There is not much competition in the respective job sector and thus you will surely get an appropriate job easily.


Biotechnology is the branch of engineering that involves the study of living organisms and systems to modify or manufacture/create new products.

The great thing about this branch is the kind of opportunities and other facilities it offers. Also, there is not much completion in this field and you can expect promotions and growth with time and experiences.


Biomechanical engineering is all about applying the mechanical principle to the biomedical field or systems. You can relate this field of engineering to agriculture engineering and biomedical engineering.

If you have mechanical skills and loves biomedical and agriculture field of engineering, its the best branch that can help you to pursue engineering on the basis of your respective interest. Scope and opportunities in this field are neutral, thus you can win a job after engineering if you will have appropriate skills and knowledge.

Electrical and Instrumentation

As the name suggests, its all about manufacturing, designing and implementing electrical instruments. You must be knowing the importance of instruments that are used to measure and monitor quantities and parameters.

Most of electrical devices and machines, like Fridge, Stabilizers etc comes equipped with a measurement meter. Thus, you can actually understand the demand of instruments and the respective engineering graduates in the respective job sector.


Metallurgical engineering is an engineering course that elaborate everything that is related to metal. It offers deep education and research in metal extraction, mining, designing, and other relevant processes those are related to metal.

It’s one of the core branches that offers huge opportunities in government sector. Also, private sectors are there to hire metallurgical graduates as well. Being a metallurgical engineer your key roles will be to deal with every aspects and process related with metal, from extraction to refining.

Industrial & Production

It’s basically an engineering branch that uses the principles of mechanical and electronics engineering to fulfill the industrial demands. The roles of an engineer in this field involve maintenance, development, and production based tasks of the respective organization or industry. IPE graduates are usually in demand by almost every Industry.

If you think you have abilities to make work plans and efficient production ideas, this branch will be really best for you. Also, the job opportunities are endless, however, in this sector, you may have to compromise with the growth. But with great efforts, you can surely do well in future with time and experiences.

Naval Architecture and Ocean

Its one of the finest engineering branch that involve two different kinds of studies. It involves the study of designing the ship, defining their working principles and the manufacturing.

It’s one of those engineering branches that are overlooked by students. However, it offers great future opportunities. If you have skills in electronics and mechanics, its one of core branch matching your interest.


Petroleum engineering involves the study of activities that are related to hydrocarbons that are available in the form of natural gas or crude oil. Its one of the widest field of engineering.

There is huge scope in India for petroleum engineering graduates. It offers growth and great salary packages and that’s the reason it’s the dream job of most of the engineering graduates.


It deals with the study and process that is involved with textile industries. Its study includes particular rules, laws, principles to develop, design and manufacture textile fabrics.

If you are interested in textile studies, its the one that’s made for you and your interests. Textile fabrics are high in demand and will remain in demand in future as well, so you can expect a lot of opportunities in future with great salary packages and other benefits & facilities.


It’s the branch of engineering that involves the principles of almost every engineering branch including mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer science engineering to operate, maintain, design and develop watercrafts and oceanographic technologies.

It’s one of the really Interesting courses that offers great opportunities and thrilling work challenges. It’s not popular, but you can’t ignore or overlook its importance. If you want to serve you skill, knowledge in government services, its one of the best engineering branch that can help you to achieve your goal.


Industrial engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with complex processes, organizations, and systems to optimize them. The key roles of industrial engineers are to reduce wastage of time, money, materials, people cost and increase productivity and work efficiency.

Overall, the main aim of this engineering field is to fulfill each n every demand of the industries and organizations. The great thing about this engineering field is its salary packages. However, here you may have to compromise with the growth.


So, that’s the list of engineering course that you can opt after your 12th standard academics. Wish you best of luck and hope you get entry into some beat engineering colleges.

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  2. Hi sir. I am bhuvaneshwari kathiresan. I have completed my 12th with pcb. I am not interested in any thing. I am so confused to choose right course. But I am sure that I want more job opportunities after the completion of my studies. So please help me to choose good career course in my life.

    • Sorry, But I shared this with PCM candidates. If you want to continue to PCB in future, you can go for MBBS or Pharmacy or Agriculture Engineering. MBBS is best for PCB candidates as almost all candidate get the reputed job after the course.

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