India dominates in fabricating Engineers. Each year, approximately 1.5 million students get documented as an Engineer from India. After graduation, some goes for higher education; some get a job in private companies, and some decide to do something on their own.

Nevertheless, mainstream engineering graduates dream of grabbing a government job. What is the reason behind this? Inspite of cherry-picking big private companies who reasonably wages more, why do students fancy government jobs? Well, the ensuing points exemplify the whys and wherefores:

  • Job Safety
  • Oodles of perks and allowances in contrast to private companies
  • Holiday on every single festive juncture for which private companies ostensibly does not bother.
  • Least Culpability

These are the prime reasons why Indian students hanker for government jobs after Graduation.Now the next big question. What kind of government job?

In India, students shoot on two top government jobs:

  • Indian Engineering Services
  • Job in Central Public Sector Enterprises

Understandably, the aspirants cannot serve in both sectors at a time. They are bound to pick one. So which one? This article gives the answer to the most vital question. Indian Engineering Services or Public Sector Undertaking, Which one to choose?

But first, a brief light on Indian Engineering Services and Public Sector Undertaking before the inception of comparison amid them.

Indian Engineering Services

The technical and executive purposes of the Government of India are over and done with numerous services frequently termed as Indian Engineering Services. Intelligent, fervent and stout graduate engineers carry on this services. To employ such engineers, every single year, Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts a three-stage competitive examination prevalently known as Engineering Services Examination (ESE).

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Well thought-out as the most prestigious and one of the harshest examination on the globe, cracking Engineering Services Examination is next to a dream come true for every applicant.

After implementation of 7th pay commision the Indian Engineering Service Salary in hand is around 56000 after the deduction.

Public Sector Undertaking

Public Sector Undertaking delineates state-owned enterprise under the Government of India or any state or territorial government. Companies underneath PSUs are further pigeonholed based on the distinct ranks given to them namely Maharatna, Navratna, Miniratna-I, and Miniratna-II. Most of the companies under PSU recruits workforces grounded on the score card of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE).

We have fleetingly stumble upon what Indian Engineering Services and Public Sector Undertaking are. Now let us see the comparison between these two.

ParticularsIndian Engineering ServicesPublic Sector Undertaking
Job SecurityOfficers serving under this has immense job securityPSU employees too get terrific job security but not neck and neck as compared to IES officers.
PaymentAn IES officer after the appointmentgets an initial basic pay of ₹15,600 within pay scale ₹15,600-₹39,100 with additional perks and allowances.PSU employees start serving their motherland with an initial basic pay of ₹16,400 Or ₹20,600 Or ₹24,400 according to the individual CPSEs recruitment Rules excluding the perks and benefits.
PromotionPromotion is granted based on officer’s work and attainments.Promotion in PSU companies is reliable. Employees get the assurance of regular promotions but only if they labor hard and give quality output.
Special BenefitsBungalow, 24 hrs electricity, Government four wheeler(as per job requirements), Travel pass totravel anywhere, Holidays and much more. Or we can say more facilities than PSUsIncentives, Special pay, Performance Relate Pay, Cafeteria Approach, Gratuity. More cash as compare to Engineering services
Social StatusRespectful job and power.Normal employee working for the government
Posting LocationOfficers can be placed anywhere in city or in rural areas depending upon their current positionMost of them are placed within the city parameters.

Advantage of IES over PSU

  1. Indian Engineering Services is a gazetted post, appointed by the president whereas Public Sector Undertaking is mere a government position where you become a part of the company.
  2. Officers serving under IES has immense job security as compared to the employees working under CPSEs.
  3. Star facilities provided by the central government like a bungalow, servants, etc. but CPSE workforce doesn’t get such benefits.
  4. The regular increment in payment whereas in CPSE increase depends on the quality of work that employees delivers.
  5. While serving in Indian Engineering Services, you directly serve your country, but in PSU you work for the company.
  6. Most of them work in cities whereas a PSU officers have to serve in the areas where industries are located.

Advantage of PSU over IES

  1. Total in hand salary of some CPSEs which are extending the initial basic pay of 24900 (in the pay band of 24,900-50,500), is much more as compared to the emoluments of IES officers. These CPSEs are ONGC, NTPC, BPCL, IOCL, HPCL, OIL, GAIL, PGCIL, BHEL, and CIL. So those who want more money in hand can confidently join the above mentioned PSUs.
  2. Least culpability of job whereas IES officers has a huge responsibility as many works under them and they report directly to the central government.
  3. Your pay, perks and promotions are directly linked to the individual as well as company performance.

I have covered all the points related to the topic, please share your individual opinion on the comment the section below.

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