The positively ambiguous state of healthcare in India

Medicine or various sections of health care has been pursued by people from all walks of life as it is a profitable and an essential venture for those looking to be gods or extend their failing health.

Since few years, medicine has been the best deal for people who discovered that prayers and sacrifices did not always hold/give the desired results to people and thus through a form of experiment and trial and error chemistry we now have lifesaving medicines.

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DPE 3rd PRC order for the Pay Revision in CPSEs from 01.01.2017

Last year Government has approved the pay revision for all central government employees which was applicable from 01.01.2016. However, the PSU pay revision implements after one year of central pay commission. The Central Public Sector Employees are waiting for the 3rd PRC report for the same is already out and Committee of Secretary & Cabinet had already approved the 3rd PRC recommendation with some modifications.

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Best PSU for Engineers & freshers to join in 2017

PSU recruitment & revised Pay scales

After the implementation of 2nd Pay revision committee report for PSU in India, the total salary of executives of Public sector employees got increased tremendously. And 3rd PRC is also going to implement very soon, which may further increase the salary of PSU employees by around 15%. The Government Jobs in PSUs for engineers are not less attractive than a private multinational company’s job.

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3rd PRC Pay Scales and proposed fitment benefit for Executives of PSUs

The Government of India Constituted the 3rd Pay Revision Committee for the revision of pay scales, perks, allowances and other benefits available to Public Sector Undertaking Employees. The committee has to submit the report to Government within a period of six months from the date of formation.

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3rd PRC Estimated Pay Scales for the CPSEs employees 2017

The government of India had implemented 2nd PRC report on 26 November 2008 which was applicable from 01.01.2007. The term of 2nd PRC is going to end on 31.12.2016. The employees of Central Public sector employees are waiting for their next pay revision which will come into force from 01.01.2017. The government of India already announced the formation of Committee for next pay revision in PSUs. The committee is headed by  Justice Satish Chandra (Retired) & It has to submit the report to Government within a period of six months from the date of constitution of the committee.

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2nd Pay Revision Committee Benefits for executives of CPSEs

As per Government resolution number No.2(10)/06/DPE-WC dated 30 Nov 2006 Government of India constituted a 2nd Pay revision Committee under the chairmanship of Retired Judge Supreme Court Of India Mr. Justice M. J. Rao. The committee had to devise the new structure of pay, allowances, perquisites, and benefits for the Board level & Below Board level executives and Non-unionised supervisory staff of Central Government Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs). It had the tenure of 18 months.

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