Strategy to crack SBI Junior Associate Preliminary exam

The State Bank of India has recently announced the recruitment of 9633 Junior Associates for customer support & sales department. The minimum qualification for the job is graduation hence the competition will be extremely high among the candidates.

In this article, we will share a powerful strategy to crack SBI Junior Associate recruitment 2018 exam with ease.

Step-1: Analyze the Syllabus

Generally, students start preparation without going through the syllabus and study many topics which are out of syllabus. So just invest few minutes to read the syllabus, keep one copy always on the study table. Mark the topics of your interest and also sort the difficult ones.

Step2: Prepare the study plan

If you check from today, you have around 2-3 months for preliminary exam preparations. It is sufficient enough time to clear the test. Now the question is how to prepare study plan.

As per my own experience, we put more time on the topics which we like a lot but it unnecessarily consumes time. So while creating a study plan list, one should devote the less time to the topic in which we are strong. And more time to be given for difficult topics in a subject.

You should assign few hours daily to each subject in study plan this will make an overall balance between each subject & same will help you in Mains exam too.

Step3: Stick to the study plan

The get success we must stick to the study plan. Actually, it saves lots of time and makes us more time conscious. During the preparations, you may find a day when you were not performing as per target. In that case, leave those topics and move ahead with what you have decided.

Step4: Follow Genuine & basic Books

Nowadays plenty of books are sold for each subject of a competitive examination. To become perfect just follow one basic book for each subject. Once you have finished with these, just revise again with same. Don’t try too many books on individual subjects.

Step5: Subscribe Online test series

As both preliminary & main exams are going to be conducted online only. So it would be better to practice the syllabus questions with some good & reputed test series.

Step6: Revise regularly

As competition is very high for SBI Jobs so everyone wants to study more and more to become perfect. But if you don’t revise the previously learned topics you may be in a doubtful situation during the exam. So keep separate time for the revision, most preferably last few weeks of the final exam.

Step7:  Practice more for Faster Speed

If you are really serious about to crack the SBI Junior associates 2018 exam, you must focus on the problem-solving time. In most of the Banking exams, time is very limited and questions are more. SBI preliminary too section wise time division is there, hence you can’t utilize the time saved in one section to another. So you must have the ability to solve 35 numerical ability in just 20 minutes. This you can achieve by trying hundreds of questions on each day regularly. There is no shortcut to increase the speed.

Step 8: Identify time wasters

The examiner deliberately put few question on each paper which takes more than average time to solve. You should avoid such question in the examination hall.

Step 9: Confidence building

As you know more SBI has advertised the 9633 vacancies for junior associates. So enough seats are available to clear the examination. Sometimes candidates have very low self-confidence that they couldn’t attempt even the simple question in the question paper.

The only way to keep up the confidence level is to practice hard and regularly. Solve numerical as much as you can with own. Also, try to solve the previous year Bank clerk papers within the time frame prescribed in the final examination. The regular problem-solving practice will not only increase your speed but also boost the confidence to new high level.

I hope this will help you to clear the SBI Junior Associate Preliminary examination. You can share your methods here in the comment section.

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