Diploma in Civil Engineering- Admission criteria, Course, Govt & Pvt Jobs

Diploma in civil engineering is a 3-year course that skill students in both core and basic subjects of civil engineering. It’s one of the evergreen branches of diploma engineering degree that offer great future scope and opportunities. However, if you are planning to peruse diploma course in civil engineering, here we have some key information for you.

Here we will explain you everything about diploma degree in civil engineering including the admission criteria and future scope. Thus, read the content thoroughly before taking any decision.

Now, Let’s move to our main motive…

Admission Criteria

The admission criteria for diploma courses are really easy. Basically, there are two possible ways to get admission into a diploma course.

  • Direct Admission

Direct admissions are based on previous academic performance. Usually, private institutions accept admissions in diploma course directly. Also, here you may have to pay little more fee for the course.

  • Entrance test

Entrance tests are the only way to get into some well-reputed and govt. authorized institutions. Once you appear in an entrance test, your admission will be accepted in the respective institution on the basis of your entrance exam score and rank.

However, the admission criteria vary with respect to the state and institution. Also, the admission applications are considered only if the candidate has cleared his 10th board or any equivalent level academic exam with at least 45% of marks. Thus, you will have to do really well in your 10th board or any equivalent academic exam otherwise it will be very difficult for you to get admission in diploma course.

Course Tenure

It’s a 3-year course divided into 6 semesters. Each semester has certain subjects. Each of these semesters has a time period of 6 months. The course offers deeper knowledge and skills with the end of every respective semester. In other words, the civil diploma course is designed in 6 parts or modules to keep the flow and offer easy to understand knowledge and skills to the students.

To get the final diploma degree its necessary to clear all the mandatory exams. In case if a student fails to fulfill the degree requirement, the course tenure can vary.


The Civil Diploma course is designed with some core and basic subjects to offer appropriate civil engineering skills. Some key subjects of Civil diploma course are:

  • Engineering drawing
  • Applied physics, chemistry and mathematics
  • Hydraulics
  • Material strength
  • Concrete technology
  • Surveying etc.

The subjects actually depend on the institution’s syllabus. They vary with institutions and states. However, the theme of the overall course remain same, that’s to skill students to serve diploma civil engineering services to the industries and nation as well.

Diploma in Civil Engineering Jobs

Job opportunities with a civil engineering diploma degree are endless. Eveready there is new construction project announced in almost every state, as a result, the demands of diploma civil engineers also increase. Both private and govt. sectors hire diploma civil engineers for various posts and purposes. Let’s explore the job opportunities more clearly…

Government Sector Jobs

There are so many job opportunities in govt. sector for diploma civil engineers. Usually, they hire fresher and experienced candidates through an entrance exam like SSC, Railways, PWD etc.

Govt. authorized companies and industries like PWD, irrigation department, railways, and some PSUs like Maharatna and Navratna Companies use to hire civil engineering candidates at great packages and other benefits. The railway is known to hire diploma engineers in bulk and that’s the reason most of the diploma civil engineers target it.

The exam for most of the govt jobs are conducted annually, and some exams are conducted twice a year as well. Thus, keep yourself updated with all the govt. exam schedules to ensure that you aren’t missing any opportunities at all.

However, to get into a well-reputed and top companies you will have to study really hard. The competition level for govt. jobs are really high and thus you will have to put all your efforts to win an appropriate job in Govt. Sector.
The salary package offered here is far better than Pvt. Sectors and also when it’s about career growth and promotion, the government sector is the best.

Private Sector Job

The demand for civil diploma engineering candidates in private sectors remains stable forever.Every other day you can see the advertisement in newspapers and job portals regarding diploma civil engineer vacancies. Also, there are so many walk-ins conducted almost weekly to hire an appropriate diploma civil engineer for various roles and purposes. If you want to get into private sectors, with appropriate skills and knowledge you surely can.

There are so many private civil industries in India including construction based companies, domestic companies, and others. Also, being a fresher you can work with a contractor. It will help you to get more practical exposure with average (fair) salary packages. However, here you may have to compromise with career growth as its really difficult to get promotion in Pvt. sector due to the high level of competitive job market environment.

Further Studies

Once you will complete your diploma degree in civil engineering, probably you will be confused that what to do next. Well, if you’re not ready to get into 9 to 5 job sectors, further studies or higher education will be the best option for you.

You can opt to pursue BE in civil engineering. It will help you to establish yourself as a more appropriate and deserving candidate for most of the job and vacancies. Also, higher studies after diploma degree are known to unlock the doors of endless opportunities. Usually, MNCs and few other reputed organization and industries don’t prefer diploma engineers, thus with a BE degree in civil engineer will make you eligible for each and every opportunity that is available.


So, that’s everything that you should know about diploma degree in civil engineering. I will suggest pursuing diploma course through entrance exam admission procedure, by doing so you will be paying less course fee and will get admission into a well established and reputed institution. Hope you like the content and it helps you to take appropriate decisions regarding your carrier.

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