Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

Computer science engineering is one of those fields that are known to have the greatest scope in the job market. You must be knowing that CS and IT sectors offer most of the job opportunities in India as compared to any other sector. Thus, pursuing diploma engineering in computer science can be one of the best decision of your life. If you are really interested in this course then here we have something that you must know before you actually pursue this course.
Let’s proceed with a motive to know each and everything about this course.

What is Computer Science Engineering?

It is the branch of engineering and science that offer education and skills to develop computer-based software and hardware. Computer science engineering includes the microcontroller, development of software and testing, hardware development, circuit design and networking as key subjects in its academics.

Course Details

Diploma in computer science engineering is a three-year academic course. This three-year academic is based on semesters. The overall academic is designed to offer stepwise learning by diving subjects into semesters. One year equals to two semesters, and the course has total 6 semesters. Each of the semesters is having a period of 6 months.


There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled to get admission. One of the requirement is past academic status and score. A student that wants to pursue the diploma in computer science engineering must have cleared his or her class 10th academics with the minimum overall score of 35%. Also, if anyone wants to pursue this course after his or her 12 class academics, he can directly get admission into the second year of this course. However, the course itself is equivalent to class 12th academic and certification.

Admission Criteria

There are so many engineering colleges and polytechnic institutions in India that offer diploma course in computer science engineering. Most of the institutions and colleges accept admissions in this course directly, that is without any entrance exam.

They consider class 10th score as a parameter to accept admissions of the respective students. However, there are some state institutions that accept admissions only through entrance exam. Some reputed diploma and engineering institutions in cities like Delhi and Madhya Pradesh don’t accept admissions directly.


As said above, its a three-year academic course divided into 6 semesters. Each of these semesters has certain subjects and syllabus which is designed to offer stepwise academic learning environment to the students to teach them appropriately.  Some of the key subjects that are included in diploma in computer science engineering are:

  • Applied mathematics, Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry
  • Microcontrollers
  • Programming
  • Web designing
  • Operating System
  • Data Structure
  • Microprocessor etc.

Some of the subjects that we have mentioned above are having both practical and theoretical sessions. Also, there is a project in the final year that a student has to design and submit as that’s mandatory to get the final degree.
Also, there are some elective subjects that actually vary with respect to the institutions. Generally, the elective subjects in this course include Network and Software security, app development, mobile computing etc.

Career And Job Opportunities

Govt. And Pvt. Jobs

There are so many career and job opportunities associated with the diploma in engineering with computer science . Both government and private sectors offer job opportunities to the diploma holders. However, the job opportunities in the govt. sector with a diploma degree in computer science engineering is really less as compared to Pvt. Sectors.  Being a computer science engineer you can get an opportunity to work as a hardware or software engineers in most of the reputed firms and organizations.

Also, you can opt to be self-employed. Yes, there is really bright future and scope for independent software and hardware engineers. With this degree and a license (not mandatory), you can establish yourself as businessmen by offering software development, software testing, hardware development and sale service to the clients.

Also, the door of IT industry will remain open for you forever. You can switch to this sector anytime you want. There are some computer manufacturing organizations as well that recruit diploma software engineers in bulk.

Software development is also in demand these days thus getting into software development firms will also be a great idea.

In this modern technical age, most of the sectors including power, healthcare etc. are completely dependent on computers. As a result, the demand of diploma computer science engineers in these sectors is increased.
Some excellent job position and designation offered these days to diploma software engineers are as follows:

  • App developer
  • Software engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Hardware engineer etc.

Thus, overall you will have great scope and job opportunities after completing diploma in computer science engineering.

Further Studies

After completing diploma in computer science engineering, there is the huge opportunity for you to pursue higher studies. Opting b.tech in CSE is one of finest higher studies option for you. You will be considered as diploma holders while admitting to the b.tech course and you will be there directly in the 2nd year of b.tech course. This is because the first year of b.tech is considered equivalent to the three years of your diploma degree.

After B.tech course, you can also pursue M.tech. it will help you get specialization in computer science engineering disciplines. Some key specialization areas are:

  • Mobile computing
  • Computer architecture
  • Operating system
  • Computer networking
  • Hardware technology etc.

You can also opt to pursue MCA or MSC programmes in computer science after completing diploma in computer science engineering. Pursuing MBA will also be a great idea if you are interested in management.

Salary Packages

There are so many factors that affect the salary packages of diploma computer science engineers. The reputation of your institution, your academic scores, the profile of employer is some of the key factors that affect salary packages. However, the average salary of a computer science engineer with diploma degree ranges from 2 lakhs per annum to 2.5 lakhs per annum.


So that’s all you should know about diploma in computer science engineering before you actually pursue the course. Hope the information provided here helps you and you like the content. Best of luck your academic goals.

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