All you need to know about Diploma In Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the evergreen and core branch of engineering. Great thing is that you can pursue the diploma course in electrical engineering right after completing your 10th board exam.  It’s a 3-year course that offers basic core skills in electrical engineering.

Well, there are so many students that are not familiar with the course or don’t know what actually they can do with the degree in future. Here we will explain you everything from admission to job opportunities associated with a diploma degree in electrical engineering.

So, without wasting any time lets move to our main content…

Admission Criteria

There are so many institutions that offer diploma in electrical engineering. The admission criteria is not same everywhere and it varies with respect to the state and institutions. There are certain institutions that accept direct admissions for diploma course, whereas others accept admission via entrance tests. However, it’s mandatory for a student to clear his 10th board examination to apply for diploma course in any institution.

Pursuing the diploma course from a reputed and well-established institution will be great for you as they offer placement opportunities as well.

Course Details

Diploma in electrical engineering is a 3-year course that includes 6 semesters and each of the semesters are designed for 6 months period.  To get the final degree, you will have to clear all the respective exams. The course is known to offer great opportunities in both higher studies and job market as well.

Course Subjects

The diploma course in electrical engineering offer study in the following main subjects and areas:

  • Electrical Machines
  • Circuit and systems
  • Circuit networks
  • Electromagnetism
  • Microprocessor
  • Signal processing
  • Electrical Appliances and sensors
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
  • Transmission and distribution of electrical power etc.

There are some practical subjects as well to explore the subject, concepts, principle and the technology to students.
All the above-mentioned subjects are divided into 6 semesters to keep the course in the flow. The subject also includes some computer and IT-based subjects as well, but those subjects are just to give an exposure to the students.

Usually, the subject and syllabus vary up to an extent with states and institution, but most of the subjects and core syllabus remain same. All the subjects and syllabus is designed to give appropriate technical skills to the students pursuing diploma electrical engineering course.

Jobs for Diploma in Electrical Engineers

When it’s about the job opportunities with a diploma degree in electrical engineering, you can keep high expectations. Being a core evergreen branch, it offers great job opportunities in both govt and Pvt. Sectors. Let’s discuss the opportunities more appropriately.

Government Sectors

Any degree in electrical engineering is known to open the doors of govt. job opportunities. Similarly, you can expect great opportunities for diploma degree. Even, central government or PSU JOBS will be right there for you. Usually, PSU offer Grup C post to diploma engineers, but pay scale and facilities are great here. Moreover, you can get the designation of junior engineer in various government authorized organization and industries.

With a diploma in engineering with the Electrical stream, you will able to apply for various government sectors including power, metal,  state electricity boards, oil, railway, and telecom sectors. In these sectors, your demand and reputation will grow with your age. You can expect huge growth in these sectors. Usually, an electrical diploma engineer can earn at least 40k per month in the government sector. Later, with great experience and knowledge, you can get promoted to executive designation depending on the respective sector and industry.

Private Sector

When there is no other way, the doors of the private sector will remain open for you forever. There are numerous job opportunities in Pvt. Sector. There are infinite Pvt. Industries and companies in India that hire diploma electrical engineers in bulk. In other words, diploma engineers are in huge demand. In Pvt. sector you will get an opportunity to serve your skills and knowledge to the respective industry and company as a supervisor. Also, there are several other designations, including maintenance supervisor, junior engineer etc, that are offered to an electrical diploma engineer. You can check the list of Electrical Engineering companies.

Being a diploma electrical engineer you can also get an appropriate job in appliance and electrical goods manufacturing firms. Also, there are other manufacturing firms like wire, transformer, electrical device, generator, motors etc, that offer great opportunities for Diploma Electrical engineers.

However, promotion here is directly proportional to your efforts. That is, the more efficient and productive you will be for your company or industry, the higher promotions you will get. However, the only thing that you will have to compromise here is with salary packages. Yes, Pvt. sector don’t offer huge salary packages, around 15k to 25k per month initially. However, with time and experience, you can expect good salary packages in this sector.

Moreover, with the help of special courses and programmes, you can also get job opportunities telecommunication and computer science field.

Further Studies

If you don’t want to get into the job sector right after your diploma degree, further study will be a great advice for you. However, make sure that you really want to pursue higher studies, as it will require some great amount of investment in terms of money as well.

Pursuing BE in electrical engineering after completing your diploma degree can let you fly high in the job market. Yes, it will boost your overall skills and will represent you as a deserving candidate for jobs.

Also, there are certain reputed industries and organization that don’t hire diploma engineers, thus by pursuing BE in electrical engineering, you will able to explore more excellent opportunities.

Overall, there is no negative side of pursuing higher studies, in fact, it will benefit you.


Hope today we have explained everything to you about diploma course in electrical engineering. You will have to put efforts and gain skills and knowledge to do well with this degree. It’s a competitive world that we live in. Therefore, you will have to be creative with your skills and degree to do well in future. Hope the content help you and you take decisions related to your career and future appropriately.

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