Do you know the Salary in hand & Job profile of Assistant Radiographer and Staff Nurse Grade-2

Nursing brothers & sister grade 2 is directly responsible for maintaining the orders which are given by their superiors. S/he is also responsible for the total nursing care of the patient assigned to him/her. On the other hand, radiographers are certified assistants or lab technicians who capture the images of organs, bone, and tissues for patient diagnosis. Here I will give you some important details about Nurse Grade-II and Assistant Radiographer posts.

Recently Rajasthan Government issued vacancy notification for the DMHS Staff Nurse Grade-2 & Assistant Radiographer Recruitment in the scheduled & non-scheduled area of the state. In this post will check the salary details, job profile and promotion opportunities available to these posts.

Nurse Grade II Job Profile

Nurse grade II performs various responsibilities and duties in different departments like in patient care department, in MCH care department and in ward management.

Direct patient care

  • S/he helps in maintaining the personal hygiene of the patients including bathing, nails, care of mouth, etc.
  • Helps in observing, recording and reporting of vital signs like T.P.R and blood pressure.
  • Helps in maintaining the discharge and admitted patient’s registers
  • S/he assists in the administration of intravenous injections, infusion, and transfusion.

Ward management

  • Helps in maintaining interpersonal relations with the patients so that she can efficiently fulfill the needs of the patients.
  • Create a therapeutic environment in the ward.
  • Helps in giving the demonstration and guidance to their subordinates so that they can perform their tasks efficiently.
  • Helps in preparing the next surgical supplies for the doctors.

Radiographer Job Profile

Radiographers are also known as healthcare professionals. They helps in operating diagnostic equipment to examine patients for an illness or injury. They uses some technological equipment such as X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI to diagnose a disease.

Some key duties performed by radiographers are:

  • They help in operating machines like CT scanners, nuclear dyes, X-ray machines, etc.
  • They are generally responsible for preparing most accurate reports or images of the patients.
  • His main tasks are to maintain the records of the patients for future use and to organize work schedules.
  • He may specialize in mammography, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.
  • His primary role is interacting with patients to offer them psychological support and reassurance.

Nurse Grade-2 & Asst Radiographer Salary in Rajasthan

After successful selection in the Staff Nurse post in Rajasthan Medical Health department, the newly recruited candidate has to complete 2 year probation period. If the performance of the Nurse is satisfactory S/he may be posted on the permanent position at Level-11. During the probation, a candidate will get fixed amount Rs 26500/- as a monthly salary.

After probation period the starting in hand salary will be more than 47000 per month.

Similarly, the Assistant Radiographer will get the monthly payment of Rs 18500/- during the probation of 2 years. After that S/he will get the Rs 33000 or more from the date of appointment in the permanent position in the Medical Health department of Rajasthan.

The following table is containing the per month salary of Nurse Grade-II and Assistant Radiographer post and their immediate senior positions.

Post Name6th CPC Pay band & Grade Pay7th CPC Basic PayMonthly Salary in Hand
Nurse Grade-II9300-34800 GP 42003780047000 – 58000
Nurse Grade-I, Nursing Tutor9300-34800 GP 48004430055000 – 68000
Nursing Superintendent15600-39100 GP 54005610069000 – 85000
Assistant Radiographer5200-20200 GP 28002630033000 – 41000
Radiographer9300-34800 GP 36003380042000 – 52000
Senior Radiographer9300-34800 GP 42003780046000 – 56000
Superintendent Radiographer9300-34800 GP 48004430054000 – 66000

Career of Nurse Grade II

There are multiple career opportunities in the nursing field according to your abilities and skills you can perform duties in multitude departments that are:

  • Medical/surgical: You have to care for all ill patients and take care of their needs, and the primary focus is on that patient who is under surgery.
  • Labor and delivery: This department provides the opportunity to take care of mothers and babies before, during and after delivery.
  • Cardiac care: You have to take care of heart patients and helps them in resolving their issues.
  • Geriatrics: This department is mainly for old and senior citizens. You have to take care of elderly old and ill citizens.
  • Neurology: In this department, you have to take care of the patients with illness or injuries involving the nervous system.
  • Orthopedic: It is a common disease mostly found in old persons. In this department, you have to take care of the patients who are suffering from injuries in muscles and bones.

Radiographer Career

 Career opportunities vary at different levels. Positions are available in hospitals, imaging centers, private medical offices, sales, research, etc. There are three types of career opportunities in radiography firm that is:

  • Diagnostic radiographers: In this field, you have to work in different areas like X-ray, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, computerized tomography, etc.
  • Therapeutic radiographers: These radiographers are responsible for planning and delivering of accurate radiotherapy treatment by using different equipment.
  • Consultant radiographers: These radiographers mainly expert in clinical practice, professional leadership, and consultancy and education, training, and development.

Staff Nurse Promotion opportunities

 As we know that nursing is a career with high potential for anyone who is capable, ambitious, and hard working. It is possible to enter the profession with little knowledge and associate degree but from that nurses start their journey as generalists and are employed whenever they are needed in the system. To Become certified in this field, they need to require two or more years of practice in this field and passing a certification exam. The certification stands for professionalism, goal and these results in higher wages and promotion in minimum time periods.

Radiographer Career Growth

As we know promotion is not an easy task but at the same time not a difficult too. To get promoted in any field you mainly have to focus on some of your skills. Same as promoted in radiographer field you have to focus on three of your primary skills that are:

  • Interpersonal skills: As a radiographer, this is the most important skill because you have to deal with patients who might be in pain, ill, frightened and stressed.
  • Logic skills: As a radiographer, logical skills is one of another vital skill because you have to deal with various typical pieces of equipment or machines like X-rays machines, ultrasounds, etc.
  • Communication skills: This is one of the most crucial skills of the radiographer. If you are an excellent communicator and a good listener than only you can resolve the issues of your patients and make correct decisions related to their problems.


So, that’s all about Nurse Grade II and  Radiographer Salary. Hope you like the post and it has delivered some valuable i information to you. Keep following us to get more job updates.

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