Challenges & opportunities after Electronics And Communication Engineering

Are you interested in Electronics and Communication Engineering and want to know scope and career opportunities associated with it? Well, you are here at the right place, here you will get all your answers. Usually, individuals pursuing engineering or planning to pursue engineering gets confused that what’s the scope and opportunities of the respective course that they are planning to pursue. Here we will expose the complete scope story of Electrical and Communication engineering and will guide appropriately for your bright future as well.

Let’s start with the basics…

What is Electronics & Communication Engineering?

Electronics and Communication Engineering is the branch of science and engineering that deals with electronic circuits, devices, communication-based instruments like IC, Transmitter, receiver etc. Also, the course offers basic education in analog electronics, digital electronics, microprocessor, antennas, satellite etc.  Basically, its all about electronics and the process of transferring electronic signal for the purpose of communication.

Who should take it

It’s one of the most difficult decisions to choose an appropriate Engineering course of your interest that offer great scope and opportunities. Electronics and Communication is the branch of engineering that is specially made for those students who are having interest in Electronic and signal principles and concepts. Thus if you are one of them go for it.

If you ever get a chance or get selected to get into a reputed engineering college, choosing ECE branch will be a great decision for you. However, it’s better to avoid pursuing engineering with ECE branch from any newly established, less reputed institutions as you will have struggle right after completing your course to win an appropriate job.

Job Opportunities and Scenarios

The demand for ECE graduates in the job market remains stable but sometimes they have to struggle as well. However, if your goal is government sector, you will have to compromise with ECE branch. The number of government job opportunities are really low for ECE graduates and there is huge competition.
Let’s discuss the career and job opportunities more clearly.

Government Jobs

As said above, if your goal is to get into government sector, probably ECE is not for you. There is very less vacancy in government sector for ECE graduates and also the competition level is very high. However, if you are highly dedicated and give your best you can get a job in government sector.

For example, BSNL is one of the finest government organization that hire a huge number of ECE graduates for various positions and roles. They offer huge vacancies and standard salary packages but you will have to struggle for the growth. However, they don’t hire on annual basis. Thus, you can guess the scenarios here with an ECE graduate degree in the government sector.

Private Jobs

When it’s about the private sector, you can’t expect a permanent job. Basically, there is not much scope for ECE graduates in private sectors, including the metal, cement, oil and power sector. These are some of the private sectors that seek only for core engineers like mechanical, electrical or civil engineers. The vacancies for ECE graduates are really less and therefore you will have to struggle a lot to win an appropriate job.

However, By 2020, it’s expected that India will have some more electronics industries and thus you can expect an increment in vacancies for ECE graduates.

Overall, engineers with core branch degrees are preferred more for positions or vacancies as compared to ECE graduates. However, things are difficult but not impossible. With great competitive skills and knowledge, you can make your way easier into a private organization being an ECE engineer.

Software Job

Being an ECE graduate you gain skills and knowledge in software development as well. There are programming, coding and other things involved at a point in the academics. Thus, it becomes easier to get into software sectors. Also, software industries and companies hire CSE graduates happily for various projects. However, when it’s about preference, a candidate with CSE degree is preferred over ECE graduates.

Also, If you want excellent salary packages and other excellent facilities and benefits, reputed organization are the only option. Usually, reputed software organizations and companies hire ECE graduates for positions and role through campus placements only. Thus, you will have to prepare yourself really well so that you can clear campus placement interview rounds.

However, walk-ins are another way to get into the reputed software companies. All you need to do is keep yourself updated with the job market and register yourself on some digital job market platforms so that you can get notifications of walk-ins easily.

Other Opportunities

There are so many other things that you can opt to succeed being an ECE graduate.

 Teaching: Thats one of the finest sector where your demand raises with respect to your age and experience. Being a teacher in colleges or institutions, you can get great salary packages and facilities.

Project Design: There are so many students who find it really hard to make their major/minor engineering and academic projects. Thus, opting designing projects as an option can help you to do really well in future. However, it’s for you only if you have the appropriate technical knowledge and creative skills.

There is endless income in this field. Once you will make some client and promote your work, you can expect huge growth in this field. You can also consider it as a startup idea.

Language Classes: Languages classes are high in demand due to the complexities. Usually, students need some additional sources to learn and understand the languages. Thus, if you have great skills in languages and coding as well, you can start offering language classes to the students that are actually seeking for it. It’s one of the best-personalized work with endless income and growth.

Generally, language tutors earn excellent income through offering language classes. Thus, it can be a great option for you after completing your engineering degree in Electrical and Communication.


So, that’s the scope and career opportunities that are associated with electronics and communication engineering. Hope you like the content and it will guide you appropriately to achieve your future career goals.

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