Tips & Tricks to crack the GATE Exam

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is the standard exam for top PSUs Government job & Higher Studies at IISc, IITs & NITs. Cracking the exam may make your life forever. Before 2010 it was not so tough to qualify the test. But due to the inclusion of top PSU & Central Govt jobs, the competition level increased manifold.

Tips to crack the GATE 2018 Exam


Planning is an essential part before starting to work for any target. You must have a proper plan for each & every step for your preparation. Next few points will guide you to set your goals to crack GATE 2018 more clearly.

Follow the Syllabus

It is the first job which you have to do before starting the study of the exams. I have seen that most of the aspirants start preparing without reading the syllabus. Knowing the curriculum will save your precious time which usually wastes by reading unnecessary things. You should also mark your area of interest in which you can score more than other subjects also mark the tough topic where you have to work hard to get more marks. It will surely boost your confidence level.

Know Your Strength

As I earlier mentioned that you should mark the topics which are easy or you feel that you can do well in it. These are the subjects in which you can try for 100% score with minimum efforts. Start your study with these topics. It will make you feel good & will give a boost for further study.

Do you need coaching class

There are many coaching classes for GATE exam preparation. They have expertise in study materials, practice test, and experience teaching staffs. I don’t require a coaching course on satisfying of following conditions

  • If your fundamentals are solid
  • If you do job & don’t have sufficient time
  • If you live in small towns where coaching facility is not available

Essential Books

Many students purchase more than one book for each subject. It isn’t required at all. More books may kill your time. Better to study with one book for each topic. Most of the essential books which we refer during engineering, you can use the same for GATE preparations. These are mandatory to make your basics strong. They also have lots of examples & questions at the end of the topic which is exquisite for practice. The level of the problem in these books is far better than many question banks available in the market.

A lot of Practice

In GATE examination both mathematical & theoretical types question are there. Just reading the subject will not solve the purpose. GATE aspirants have to practice the many papers on each & every subject equally. The timing of the exercise is also critical. I mean to say that there should not be a long gap in reading the theory & practicing the questions on the same subject.

Online Mock Test

It is also a better way to practice for GATE Exam. Many top coaching institutes provide online test facility. You can quickly check the performance & level instantly, and the same will boost up the confidence.

Total Time available

It is the key factor for any exam. The more time you have, better you can prepare yourself for the test. I highly recommend that engineering students should start GATE exam preparations from beginning of the 2nd year or 3rd semester. For Engineering passed out candidates one year, time is sufficient to prepare for GATE. Based on availability of time you can further decide the future strategy.

Revision of Syllabus

The time available to you determines that how many times you should revise the whole syllabus. I recommend you to revisit the entire curriculum at least two times before the examination. Sincere revision certainly makes you master of the subjects but needs lots of time.

Study Consistently

I have seen many students start preparations very enthusiastically as the time passes they become slow. You should provide sufficient time daily to study & practice. Don’t take any big gap in during preparation. Consistent efforts yield best results.

Meet with GATE qualified students

You might have heard about GATE Topper’s interview on internet or seminar. Sometimes Interviews are used to promote products & services of particular institute or organization who are publishing them. So I recommend you to meet with GATE Qualified candidates personally. The best time to meet with them is just after the declaration of result you should visit the nearest IIT or NIT college; you will find many GATE Passed out candidates.

Avoid Free material

I have observed that many aspirants try to search free content or online test on the internet. It is the biggest time wasters. You must think that why people are not charging for it. The reason is that it may be outdated or not for further use. You may gain something from it but the amount of time you are investing on the free material is worthless.

Avoid Short Tricks

In engineering lots of formulas & procedure are there in to solve questions. Many coaching institute teachers provide you even more simple methods for resolving the problems. You must avoid the same for the exam like GATE. You should follow the standard formula & basic procedures as specified in course books. Sometimes numerical are designed such like that shortcut equations won’t work on that. In such situations, the primary methods help a lot.

The tips & tricks explained above are very general are in nature. But many students fails to implement them in their routine. I hope you have enjoyed the article. All the best for upcoming GATE exam.

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