All you need to know about Gazetted Officers in India

There are two types of Employee in the Government sector: Executive or officer and Non-Executive or Unionized staff. Gazette Officers are superintendent/ managerial/ supervisorial who works as a public servant in India. Power of any gazetted officer is to dispute an official stamp that comes directly from the President Of India or from any of the Governors of the State.

The Gazette of India is issued on the regular basis by the Executive of Printing, Unit of Publication, Agency of Urban Development and the Administration of India. It is an authorized Central Government or the State Government Publications, which issues the appointment or the elevations of the certain Government bureaucrats. An officer or the public servant, who are established under the seal of the Administrator at the State level or by the President of India at the National level and even in the Union Territories, are requisite of being registered in the Indian Gazette or State Administration Gazette and are deliberated to be the Gazette Officer. If a being’s name is issued in the Gazette, then he/she is called Gazette.

They have the authority to validate the official papers for the academic, settlement and the other purposes. However, the Non- Gazette does not have the individual right to issue an official stamp on behalf of the Administration. Further, the workforce who are serving in nationalized banks and PSUs are not the Gazette but they can only verify the Economic Brochures.

The Government of India or the Government of State in India has categorized public workforces in 4 different groups (Group A, B, C, D).Group A(Gazetted), Group B(Gazetted), Group B(non-gazetted), Group C and Group D.

Class-I or GroupA (Gazette):

Class 1 or Group A is the chief categorized class. Class 1 & 2 (Gazette) have its place in the category of Officers whose transfers, nominations, promotions, and retirement are published on an annual basis in the official Gazette of State or Union Administration. These Officials have its place to the managerial or the topmost class of Government servants. Example-Commissioned officers in Indian Military Forces from the rank of Lieutenant and above.

Class I Gazetted Officers List

  1. All Officers appointed through Indian Administrative Service Exam commonly Known as UPSC like IAS, Engineering Services, Economic Services, Medical Services, etc.
  2. All the directly appointed through open recruitment quota and promoted executives for the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police and higher positions.
  3. The Professor & Asst. Prof. of Government Institutes/Universities.
  4. All Class-I officers of Central government departments, State-owned Offices, and ministries.
  5. Other than above the BARC Scientist, ISRO Scientist C, DRDO Scientist B, Higher secondary school Principal, High school Principal,Indian Telecom Services Officer, Indian Railways Service Officer etc.

Class2 or Group B (Gazette)

Class 2 or Group B also comes in the category to the class of Officers and are also the Gazette. Example-Civil Service, Section Officers, Central Secretariat Service, Income Tax Officers, Accounts Officers of Indian Audit & Accounts Department.

Class II Gazetted Officers List

The all Class-II officers in central government directly report to junior most class-I officers. Govt of India and various state Governments recruits Group B officers from time to time through various competitive exams. Here is the list of most common Class-II gazette Officers

  1. Tahsildar
  2. Block Development Officers
  3. Assistant Engineer in the Government Departments like State Electricity board, Railways, Water Resource department, public works department etc.
  4. Government Schools Headmasters
  5. SSC CGL Recruited Group B Officers
  6. DoT Junior Telecom Officers
  7. Section Officers in Central & State Govt Offices
  8. Income Tax Officer

Class2 or Group B (Non-Gazette)

These are the non-Supervisory or Unionize Staff that belongs to the category of class2 are non-Gazette. They do not have the personal right on behalf of the administration.

Class3 or Group C

The Group-C or Class-III employee working in the central government of state govt organizations on permanent rolls. These individuals are the Head officials, Police Head constable, the Typists, the Text Assistants, and even the Telephone Workers.

Class4 or Group D

The members in this category comprise all the Manual labors (trained or semi-skilled). Like- Peons and sweepers.

PSU Employees & Bank Employees

There is a common misconception that officers of Nationalised banks and the Central public sector enterprises are the Gazetted officers. But same isn’t true at all. There is a division of Employees in Class-I,II, III & IV in these public institutions like followed in Central Govt departments. But their executives are not treated as Gazetted Officers.

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  1. I belong to OBC category.
    My mother is middle school teacher.
    Her grade pay-5400.
    Annual income is more than 8 lakh.
    Which class officer she is?
    And also confirm do I belong to non Creamy Layer

  2. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR IN AIIMS ,PAY BAND-3,GRADE PAY-8000,LEVEL -12 IS GAZETTED OR NOT.. can authorise to attested character and identity certificate

    • The ranks depend on the Grade pay of an officer. Check the Grade pay of both and compare. Whoever will have the highest Grade Pay, he/she would be the senior. Suppose the Tehsildar has a GP of Rs 4200/- and School headmistress has GP of Rs 3600/-. Then we can say that Tehsildar is senior to the school headmistress. So 1st you need to find the actual Grade Pay.

  3. My father was recruited in UP pcs as Circle Officer(C.O) , and retired as SP(IPS), do we come under creamy layer post retirement also?

  4. I belong to OBC category. My father and mother are central school primary teachers. They come under group B non gazetted. Do I belong to non creamy layer. For creamy layer does govt take only group a and group b officers or they include employees of non gazetted also.

    • The most of the facility depends on the department of posting and the nature of the job. Some of the facility given here
      All India LTC (Once in four Years)
      Home Town LTC (Once in Four Years)
      Medical Facility
      Accommodations (If available)
      Leave Encashment
      Transfer Allowances
      Conveyance Allowance
      Children Education Allowance
      There could be much more based on your job profile & duty.

  5. My self working in a hospital appointment under the stste Govt in the permanent post. .
    I am a Medical and health officer 1..what will be my rank as a gazetted officer. .

    • The Gazetted officer post depends on the pay scale and not associated with the post. Can you share the pay scale or grade pay or level of the post?

    • Do you have any recruitment notification or any other details about the post? If yes please share. I will let you know.

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