Interview Tips for Engineering Students Appearing For Their First Campus Placement

Every engineering student has one dream the moment they step into the campus – getting placed in one of the top companies during the placements. That dream gets shaped over four years in college and it all comes down to this big event. If campus placements can be described as dreams, then interviews can be associated with nightmares. This article is going to help students get over their fear of interviews and also act as a guide.

Interview tips for government job or campus placement

Interviews are always intimidating, whether it is a top private organisation or for a prominent Sarkari Naukri; and when it is your first professional interview, it becomes all the more difficult. It is not easy to crack an interview, with all the competition and stress that comes with it. So, it is always helpful to receive tips that will help one to be mentally and physically prepared for an interview. Here are few experienced & tested personal interview tips for engineering graduates students that will help to get selected in minimum attempts:

Meet the candidates who successfully selected in the process

There is nothing like the first-hand experience. You will get to understand the type of questions that are asked and how you should prepare for it. You will also get to understand about the interview dress code and if there are any skills that they stress upon in particular.

Prepare for the interview

You will need to prepare well for the interview even if you have a wonderful academic record. There should not be any area of compromise when it comes to job interviews. Preparing for an interview does not confine to technical questions alone. You should also prepare to answer general questions related to your extra-curricular activities and showcase your soft skills. Practice communicating fluently in English with your roommates or friends. You can even practice before a mirror to improve your body language.

Brush up your technical skills

You need to go through your college/university notes in order to brush up your technical knowledge and skills. You may be a very good student with excellent academic achievements, but the interviewers will understand your technical know-how only after testing it themselves. That is why it is not safe to have complete faith on your exam results only.

Research about the company

Interviewers like candidates who have done their homework when it comes to knowledge about the company and the understanding of the job profile. It shows your interest in joining the company. It will also bail you out if you are asked, “Why do you want to join the company?” You cannot give vague answers or stutter something completely unrelated to the question. You need to be precise in terms of the expectations that you have from this job and how you can be a resource to them.

Be clear about your summer projects

If you are not able to describe the project and the role that you played in your team, it is going to have a negative impact. So, take your summer projects seriously if you still have a time or go through it and take the help of your teammates to understand the project clearly.

Do not lie, answer wrongly or evade a question

No matter what happens, never lie. You do not know an answer, simply tell them you do not know. If you have faced a barrage of questions, and are still not able to answer even one of them. Still do not answer wrongly. Tell them that you are not strong in that area and willing to learn with the required dedication. Lastly, never evade a question and set off in a different direction.

Be yourself

Above all, you need to be yourself. Show the real you. I still remember one candidate who was rejected because he thought to answer in an “American accent” was a very good idea. Being superficial or showcasing too much of wittiness is not going to help you. Stay on the natural course and explain things simply.

First interviews come with a lot of expectations. I would suggest anyone, though you may be the best, to lower the expectations and take the first interview more as a learning one. You will understand in the later years of your career that success depends on how much you learn. Best of Luck!

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  1. Nice and useful article! this is very good to know these tips on preparing for campus placement. Many of us having a question how to start preparing for campus placement as there are many student and so competition is high so we need to be prepared well to beat the competition. You have shared a good tips and I am going to follow this for sure.

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