List of Gazetted Holidays 2018 for Central Government Employees

The Department of Personnel & Training, apex office to issue guidelines for the central Government Employees as well as the Public sector employees, had issued office order No.  12/03/2017-JCA-2 on Dated 14 June 2017 for the Gazetted & Restricted Holidays falling in the year of 2018.

As per this office memorandum the central Government offices situated outside Delhi shall observe following 14 holidays compulsorily

  1. Republic Day
  2. Independence Day
  3. Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
  4. Buddha Purnima
  5. Christmas Day
  6. Dussehra
  7. Dipawali
  8. Good Friday
  9. Guru Nanak’s Birthday
  10. Idu’l Fitr
  11. Id-ul-Zuha
  12. Mahavir Jayanti
  13. Muharram
  14. Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday (ID-E-MILAD)

The above 14 holidays are fixed and no other government department or public sector undertaking can alter with these dates. Apart from these state offices may add 3 more holidays after consultation with Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee in the state capital. The final prepared list will be applicable to all offices of the concerned state. Here is the list of 3 more holidays has to be taken

  1. An Additional day for Dussehra
  2. Holi
  3. Janmashtami
  4. Ram Navami
  5. Maha Shivratri
  6. Ganesh Chaturthi
  7. Makar Sankranti
  8. Rath Yatra
  9. Onam
  10. Pongal
  11. Sri Panchami/ Basant Panchami
  12. Karva Chauth/  Chhath Pooja/ 1st Navratra/ Naoraj/  Gudi Padava / Cheti Chand/ Chaitra Sukladi/ Mashadi Ugadi/ Bhag Bihu/ Bhag Bihu/ Vaisakhadi/ Vishu/ Vaisakhi

Gazetted Holiday list for Delhi

Sl. No.Holiday NameDateSaka DateDay
1Republic Day26 JanuaryMagha 06Friday
2Maha Shivaratri14 FebruaryMagha 25Wednesday
3Holi2 MarchPhalguna 11Friday
4Mahavir Jayanti29 MarchSaka 1940
Chaitra 08
5Good Friday30 MarchChaitra 09Friday
6Buddha Purnima30 AprilVaisakha 10Monday
7Idu'l Fitr16 JuneJyaishtha 26Saturday
8Independence Day15 AugustSravana 24Wednesday
9Id-ul-Zuha22 AugustSravana 31Wednesday
10Janmashtami03 SeptemberBhadra 12Monday
11Muharram21 SeptemberBhadra 30Friday
12Gandhi Jayanti02 OctoberAsvina 10Tuesday
13Dussehra19 OctoberAsvina 27Friday
14Diwali07 NovemberKartika 16Wednesday
15Milad-un-Nabi21 NovemberKartika 30Wednesday
16Guru Nanak's Jayanti23 NovemberAgrahayana 02Friday
17Christmas Day25 DecemberPausha 04Tuesday

State wise Holiday list 2018 for download

Sl No.Download State Holiday list 2018
1Andhra Pradesh Government Holidays 2018
2Assam Government Holidays 2018
3Bihar Government Holidays 2018
4Delhi Government Holidays 2018
5Goa Government Holidays 2018
6Gujarat government Holidays 2018
7Haryana Government Holidays 2018
8Himachal Pradesh Government Holidays 2018
9Jammu & Kashmir Government Holidays 2018
10Karnataka Government Holidays 2018
11Kerala Government Holidays 2018
12Madhya Pradesh Holidays 2018
13Maharashtra government holidays 2018
14Odisha Government Holidays 2018
15Punjab Government Holidays 2018
16Tamilnadu Government Holidays 2018
17Uttar Pradesh Government Holidays 2018
18Uttarakhand Government Holidays 2018
19West Bengal Government Holidays 2018 pdf

Like Gazetted Holidays the Department of Personnel & Training had also released the list of restricted holidays for the Government Employees posted in the Delhi. The state department can prepare their own list in coordination with the Coordination Committee. The list of restricted holidays as follows

Sl.NoHoliday NameDateSaka DateDay
1New Year's Day1st JanuaryPausha 11Monday
2Makar Sankranti14th JanuaryPausha 24Sunday
3Pongal14th JanuaryPausha 24Sunday
4Basant Panchami/ Sri Panchami22nd JanuaryMagha 02Monday
5Guru Ravidas's Birthday31st JanuaryMagha 11Wednesday
6Swami Dayananda Sarswati Jayanti10th FebruaryMagha 21Saturday
7Shivaji Jayanti19th FebruaryMagha 30Monday
8Holika Dahan / Dolyatra1st MarchPhalguna 10Thursday
9Chaitra Sukladi / Gudi Padava / Ugadi / Cheti Chand18th MarchPhalguna 27Sunday
10Ram Navami25th MarchSaka Era 1940
Chaitra 04
11Easter Sunday1st AprilChaitra 11Sunday
12Hazarat Ali' Birthday01st AprilChaitra 11Sunday
13Vaisakhi/Vishu/Mesadi14th AprilChaitra 24Saturday
14Vaisakhadi (Bengal) / Bahag Bihu (Assam)15th AprilChaitra 25Sunday
15Guru Rabindranath's Birthday9th MayVaisakha 19Wednesday
16Jamat-Ul-Vida15th JuneJyaishtha 25Friday
17Rath Yatra14th JulyAshadha 23Saturday
18Parsi New Year's Day / Nauraj17th AugustSravana 26Friday
19Onam or Thiru Onam Day25th AugustBhadra 03Saturday
20Raksha Bandhan26th AugustBhadra 04Sunday
21Vinayaka Chaturthi / Ganesh Chaturthi13th SeptemberBhadra 22Thursday
22Dussehra (Maha Saptami) (Additional)16th OctoberAsvina 24Tuesday
23Dussehra (Maha Ashtami) (Additional)17th OctoberAsvina 25Wednesday
24Dussehra (Maha Navmi)18th OctoberAsvina 26Thursday
25Maharishi Valmiki's Birthday24th OctoberKartika 02Wednesday
26Karaka Chaturthi (Karva Chouth)27th OctoberKartika 05Saturday
27Deepavali (South India)06th NovemberKartika 15Tuesday
28Naraka Chaturdasi06th NovemberKartika 15Tuesday
29Govardhan Puja08th NovemberKartika 17Thursday
30Bhai Duj09th NovemberKartika 18Friday
31Pratihar Sashthi or Surya Sashthi (Chhat Puja)13th NovemberKartika 22Tuesday
32Guru Teg Bahadur's Martyrdom Day24th NovemberAgrahayana 03Saturday
33Christmas Eve24th DecemberPausha 03Monday

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