Salary of SI, DSP and Constable in MAHA Police Department

The police force is the central law enforcement department of India that works 24×7 with full dedication and efforts to secure the lives of Indian citizens from potential threats, molestation, rapes, kidnapping and other illegal activities that affect the society and lives of people.

Police officers do a tremendous job of saving the public from criminals, robbers, rappers, etc. Maharashtra has one of most potent and sincere police force. Maharashtra police department is the state law enforcement agency that is responsible for preventing all the unwanted threats and illegal activities. Its main headquarters is in Mumbai, and it is headed by director general of police. The main motto of Maharashtra police is to protect public and to punish evils.

Maha Police Rank

The post wise rank of the Mahashtra employees are shown here in the list. The Constable is lowest cadre and DGP is the hightest rank.

  • DGP (Director General)-IPS
  • Addl. DGP – IPS
  • IGP (Inspector Geneal OR Special Inspector General) – IPS
  • Dy. IGP – IPS
  • Suprintendent of Police/Deputy Commissioner of Police (Selection Grade) – IPS
  • Superintendent of Police / Deputy Commissioner of Police (Junior Management Grade) – IPS
  • Addl. Superintendent of Police /Deputy Commissioner of Police (Less than 10 years of service) – IPS
  • Addl. Superintendent of Police /Deputy Commissioner of Police (State Police Service)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police – IPS
  • Dy. Superintendent of Police /SDPO/Assistant Commissioner of Police (A.C.P.) (State Police Service)
  • Police Inspector (P.I.)
  • Assistant Police Inspector (A.P.I.)
  • Police Sub Inspector (P.S.I.)
  • Assistant Police Sub Inspector (A.S.I.)
  • Head Constable (H.C.)
  • Police Naik (P.N.)
  • Police Constable (P.C.)

Maharashtra Police Salary

Post NamePay ScaleInitial Basic PayMinimum Gross Salary Per Month
Unarmed Constable, Mochi, Naik,, Barber, Writer, Driver, Daftari, Mali5,200 – 20,200 GP 2,0007,22019,000
Sub Inspector (SI)9,300 – 34,800 GP 4,30014,53038,000
Deputy Superintendent of Police (Class-I)15,600 – 39,100 GP 5,40021,00055,000

Maharashtra Police Key Responsibilities

Some of the primary responsibilities of Maharashtra police are:

  • Prevention of crime
  • Detection of crime
  • Maintenance of public order

There are total 35 sub-departments under  Maharashtra police. They work under different posts and under some of the individual units.

Following are the individual units and designation of Maharashtra police.


Police constables play an essential role in the lives of the public. They maintain law and order, protect public and properties from illegal threats. They patrol the areas assigned to them. They detect and investigate the crime.

Job Profile And Duties Of A Police Constable

  • To promote and preserve public orders.
  • To file and register complaints related to theft, robbery, rape, kidnapping, etc.
  • To investigate all the cognizable offenses coming to their notice through such complaints.
  • To guide and assist public particularly women ’s, sick children or senior citizens who are found helpless in public places or otherwise need help and protection.

Power And Other Responsibilities Of A Police Constable


  • Prevent the harassment of women’s and girls in public places or in public transport.
  • Provide all essential assistance to victims of crime and road accidents and ensure that they are given all medical facilities.

Investigation Based Responsibilities

  • Registration of crime
  • Arresting criminals and suspects
  • Calling witnesses and serving notices to them.
  • Interrogating all possible suspects, witness, and criminals.


A sub-inspector is the lowest ranked officer in Indian police department. He can file a charge sheet in court and is usually the first investigating officer. The rank of a SI is two stars, the red and blue striped ribbons at the outer end of the shoulder straps. He is also responsible for taking care of entire police administration. The image of the inspector and his subordinates reflects the real picture of the police department.

Job Profile And Duties

  • Primary and essential duty of a sub-inspector is to prevent crimes and to take necessary action following the law.
  • A sub-inspector has to enquire from headmen and watchmen about the movements of all gangs and suspicious characters and should use his personal influence that the advent of such persons is reported promptly.
  • A sub-inspector use to keep a careful eye on wandering gangs, proclaimed offenders or escaped convicts.
  • A sub-inspector has to try and obtained clues to undented cases, or to the ware bouts of missing children’s and cattle.

Maharashtra Sub-inspectors Roles And Responsibilities

  • They are responsible for all guding and supervisioning his subordinates.
  • Responsible for training, motivating and ensuring the welfare of public personnel.
  • They are also responsible for preventing all the life and property threatening situations especially during conflicts between castes, community, etc.
  • They are responsible to arrange legally permissible sentence and shelter to every person in custody.


The deputy superintendent of police is the highest rank assigned in Indian police forces. DSP position is higher than assistant superintendent and is equal to the commissioner of police. Deputy Superintendents are state police officers who belong to police forces either by the direct entrance on these posts or by promotion from lower positions to higher.

Designation Profile And Key Duties

  • A DSP is responsible for the entire executive administration within his district including ministerial staffs under him.
  • The primary function of a DSP is to assist assistant superintendent of police in his duties.
  • A DSP is responsible for the supervision of entire police force time to time.
  • DSP also maintains coordination between all the police departments and controls the networks of police stations spread all over the state and country.
  • DSP is also responsible for policy formation, planning and implementation of various orders, rules and regulations and different schemes and plans.
  • A DSP is required to takes special precautions consistent with susceptibilities of special groups.
  • They also supervises the operations of crime and special branches of his CID.


  • A DSP is responsible for sending periodic information to the DIG at regular intervals.
  • They also acts as a line agency on behalf of the state organization or CID.

DSP’s Personal Responsibility At The District Level Includes The Following

  • A DSP has to maintain an adequate supply of vehicles, arms, communications, equipment and other accessories like uniforms, etc.
  • DSP inspects police stations within the jurisdictional limits of his district Maharashtra and provides for necessary physical conditions to keep the force working in a satisfactory state of morale and motivation.
  • DSP also focuses on recruiting the right person in his department.
    As a captain of the team, his leading role is to provide training, programs related to disciplinary matters.
  • DSP is also responsible for promoting the right person to the correct position.
    He evaluates the performance of his subordinates and disciplinary and necessary judgment related to them.
  • DSP organizes sports tournaments, gets together meets and special meets to keep his district force in high spirits.
  • DSP also provides incentives to his juniors for their better performance and motivates them for the same.
  • As the head of the department, he is responsible for all accounts statements like correctness of cash, etc.

So, that’s everything you should know about Maharashtra police salaries, their roles, and responsibilities. Hope this post was really informational for you and delivered some valuable information. Keep following us to get more updates related to job and opportunities.

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