Scope of Mechanical Engineering Graduates

Mechanical engineering is one of the most elite branches of engineering. It forms the backbone of all the industries in the country. Being associated with machinery which is used integrally in all the companies, people specializing in them are easily poached by these industries for the job.  Now a common question which is often asked by Mechanical Engineers is, what is the scope of it? Following is a list of things that only a mechanical engineer can do. Reading this would hopefully reinstate your belief in what you are and who you are going to become.

Types of jobs

Mechanical Design Engineer

This is one of the highest paying jobs in the market for a mechanical engineer. To suit the parameters of the job profile, all you need to know are the basics of mechanical engineering. A design engineer is supposed to develop drawings while keeping the industry guidelines and state building laws in mind. They also have to analyze mechanical systems in order to ensure that they are functioning properly. Also, their task list includes researching the design proposals, manuals, and other eminent information to understand the feasible costs of construction on projects, and modifying products to ensure they gel well with the engineering designs and specifications given regarding the machine’s performance.

Maintaining and providing technical information in form of reports which are to be submitted to their supervisors is also included in a mechanical engineer’s checklist. Generally, a company would hire you soon after your B.Tech completion, if you pass their standards and interview procedures. But few companies generally prefer experienced candidates for this job who have around 2 years of experience in this field of machine designing. As already mentioned, this is a highly paid job. Your salary would also depend on your skill set, attitude, and qualifications.

Maintenance Engineer

You can consider this job as the doctor of machinery. How? Because as the name suggests, this job is entirely based on keeping the machine functioning in the best performance status just like a doctor works and aims to keep his patient working in perfect or near perfect condition.

This job encompasses a wide array of duties on the mighty shoulders of a mechanical engineer. A maintenance engineer plays an important role in the potency, development, and progress of producing and process industries. Such engineers work with alternative professionals so as to enhance production facilities, scale back the incidence of expensive breakdowns and develop methods to enhance overall safety in the work environment of the industry, thus rendering security to all the personnel working there.

Your job will also ask you to design maintenance methods, procedures, and strategies as well as carry out routine upkeep work and responding to instrumentation faults. It will be your task to check any breakdown issues and fix them by fitting new elements, thus ensuring instrumentation is functioning properly. You will also have to carry out quality inspections on the job. Not only this, but a maintenance engineer will also have to monitor and manage maintenance prices thus keeping them at the least possible level.

Sector-wise opportunity

  • Automobile Industry

Who doesn’t love cars? We all do, right? Imagine getting to work in this industry, be one of those brainy people who put in the thoughts and hard work to build this technological beauty which has now taken over the entire world. The automobile industry is not only limited to cars, it includes all sorts of transportation. You would get the opportunity to brainstorm how to make a vehicle faster, lighter, cheaper and safer. And even get paid for it! Wouldn’t that be fun? You can join this field soon after your bachelor degree also but for higher ranks, companies these days prefer specialists that are engineers who have done masters in automobile engineering.

You may get the opportunity to design the layout of the vehicle, find out ways to make it more cost-effective, invent new ways to make it unique and then instruct the workers on how to build it. The job would also include quality checking of the motor built to ensure a good product delivery.

  • Power Sector

It is not an unknown fact that with depleting natural resources, many industries are not preferring to switch over to other forms of energy. This largely includes thermal power, hydropower, wind power and all the new age upcoming advancements. All of you must have heard of one or the other of such plants established in some part of the country and few might have seen them too. The conversion of their kinetic energy to electrical energy requires some serious machinery to act in place. And with the machines comes the role of a mechanical engineer. Companies would hire you to assist in building the project from scratch and then it requires its constant maintenance along with a regular quality check. All this and much more is done by a mechanical engineer.

  • Metal Industry

This is one of the largest industrial base of any country. Metals in various forms are required in manufacturing of innumerable things. Such industries include steel plants, aluminum plants, copper, tin, zinc, bronze, you get the idea right? All such industries require machinery and thus mechanical engineers. One of the most important parts of such industries is designing of components which can be done by only a mechanical engineer. These industries cannot run without them.

  • Petroleum Industry

This is one of those industries where mechanical engineers are always in demand. Various petroleum engineering disciplines like a reservoir, drilling, completions, production, and facilities, all involve a major role of the mechanical engineer in some form or the other. Actually, it also depends on the kind of company you are working for. Are you working for the operators, who do the exploration and production or you are working with the servicing companies that provide tools to the operating companies? Depending on this your job profile may vary slightly.

  • Others

This includes sales & marketing, quality control, and quality assurance department of above sectors. Who better to judge a machine for its accuracy, efficiency, and reliability than a mechanical engineer who actually specializes in them? All these companies not only need mechanical engineers in servicing and manufacturing aspects but also to carry out its quality check and various other functions.

Opportunities in Government as well as Private Sectors

The desirable perks of being a government official are very well known among our countrymen. It gives you a security in a job with good pay and respect. You can work in IES that is Indian Engineering Services by fighting its exam or work as an engineer in our country’s defense forces i.e. army, navy and air force. Even at the state level, ample of job opportunities in government sectors for mechanical engineers are available. This also includes the government authorized or established industries of above-mentioned sectors. In private sector, all the industries require mechanical engineers like cement industry, machine manufacturers, etc. This again includes all the above-mentioned fields of industries. All these jobs are well paying and rewards the hard work of an individual.

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This brings us to the end of this article. Believe in yourself, that you can achieve whatever it is that you wish for. All the job opportunities that have been talked about are few of the many ways by which a mechanical engineer can build his career. All the best to all of you. May you succeed in your life.

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