How to view print and download pay slip from MP Education portal

If you are looking for the Salary Slip on Madhya Pradesh Education department official portal, you might be a Samvida Shikshak or teacher of Group I & II or III in Madhya Pradesh education department.

Here I will show you the details of how to view the salary slip from MP Education portal like we already seen in the case of UP Police Payslip.

In order to view the full monthly salary statement, one needs to open a web browser on his PC which must be connected to the internet. After this just type below URL in the address bar of the web browser as I have mentioned in the following screenshot. (

MP education portal login URL to view salary slip


Press the enter button on the keyboard. You will get the page like shown in below image

MP education portal pay slip for teachers


Here you need two credentials to log into your account for viewing the salary slip.

UserName & Password: If you already have both these with you just put details in respective field and login to the portal.

After entering the Username and password you need to move (slide) the small cylindrical icon to the right with the help of mouse. Same is depicted here in the image.

pay slip of mp teachers, samvida shikshak

If you don’t have username & password, you may need to contact the higher offers or report to manager IT section in Education department.

There is a chance that you may have a username but not the password. In that case, you can reset the password.

After logging in you can view your profile. To view the salary slip, one need to click on the link (Varshik Vetan Parchi) shown on the right-hand side as shown here in the following image

download salary slip from mp education portal

Now you will get a form. Just select the from date and to date on the form like I have selected in below screenshot. And click on “Export Annual Pay Slip in PDF“. The file will start downloading.

download yearly pay slip from MP Education portal

Now salary slip is visible. Here is sample salary of a teacher in MP Education department.

Salary slip of a teacher from MP Education portal website

How to reset education portal password

In the same official webpage of MP Educational portal, you will find a link (like shown in the image) to reset the password.

MP education portal pay slip for teachers

Click on the password reset link, you will find the new page like shown here. Put your Unique code and proceed as directed by the website. If you don’t know the Unique Code you can click the link (I have red marked in the image) for the code.

salary slip on MP education portal for teachers

A new page will open. It is actually online form and you need to put the details to get the Unique code. Just put following information (Like shown in the image) for the code

  1. District
  2. Designation Type
  3. Designation
  4. First Name
  5. Last name

MP Education Portal Password reset to login portal again

After filling the details just click on “Khojen” button.

You will get the details.

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