How to print, view and download MP Treasury Salary slip online

The Madhya Pradesh Treasury portal is used for various government activities like salary expenditure department wise, district wise, revenue earnings, vendor payment etc.

An MP government employee can view print and download online their Salary slip from the treasury department portal official website. Here I will explain, how to do the same on your PC, Laptop or Smartphone.

The first step to this finding correct URL.

Here is the right web address to download monthly salary statement.


Just click on above link to it will redirect to the online form which needs following things to get the payment details

MP Treasury employee salary statement

Employee Code: It is the Unique code which you must have to view payslip online from MP treasury department portal.

Month: You have to take special care while selecting the month. You get a message on top of the form that “Before April 2018 Salary Slip Can be generated.” So don’t put the month which isn’t allowed in the system.

Year: You can select the current year for which you need the details. If you are viewing the data of November or December month in the January or February, you need to type previous year in the form field.

Let’s say for example I am checking the salary for the March month in the May month.

I will put the details like shown here

  • Employee Code: XXXXXXXXX
  • Month: March
  • Year: 2018

MP Treasury Salary Slip

MP Treasury salary slip online

In order to print the Statement you need to open the statement browser and click on print option to get printed copy of slip. You can aslo save the slip for future use.

print mp treasury payslip online

I have checked the Portal on the Android smartphones chrome web browser and it works just fine. The same URL can be used for payslip download purpose. When you fill the employee Code, month and year and submit the form, the monthly pay statement gets started downloading. So you need to go to download file folder of your Android device to view the salary document.

The Salary slip has the following information about monthly payment.

It is divided into two parts

Earnings & Deductions. The earning minus deduction will be the net home pay for an employee. I have marked the important salary data with natural numbers 1,2,3.. so on. Here are the details of each;

  1. Basic pay (1): It is the main pay of an employee. It revises after every pay commission. The last revision i.e. 7th Pay commission was applicable from 01.01.2016. The basic pay of this Government Officer is 80300.
  2. Dearness Allowance (2): Dearness allowances rates are revises after a period of every 6 months. The new rates are applicable from January and July month. It is paid to the percentage amount of Basic pay. The DA rates depend on the wholesale price index. The Dearness allowances for this officer is 4015. The rate of dearness allowances is same for all Government of MP employees.
  3. HRA: Like basic pay, the House rent allowances are also revised after every pay revision. The current HRA rate is 27, 18, and 9% for the Class A, Class B, and Class C type cities. If you see the salary slip of this officer, you won’t find any HRA amount Or it is set to Zero because the officer is residing in government quarters.
  4. GPF (3): GPF is applicable for old employees. New recruited have the EPF. The above said MP Government Officer has GPF deduction of 10000 per month. The GPF amount deposited in Employees provident fund account and same can be withdrawn at the time of retirement or any emergency purpose.
  5. Income tax (5): Every Government Servant, as well as private worker, has to pay income tax according to the earning slab defined by the central govt. Here this officer’s total tax deduction is 3000.
  6. In hand Salary: After deducting the GPF and various taxes from Basic Pay and HRA total in hand salary is calculated. Here the in hand salary Rs 69607/- per month.

I hope this will help you to view, download and print pay slip from MP treasury portal.

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  1. Hello I am trying to take my mother’s salary slip after typing all documents its showing error can u please help me out

    • The Salary before April 2018 is only available in the MP Treasury portal. So try for the salary up to March 2018 only.

  2. I am unable to find the slip, it shows exceed max connection allowed, plz help
    I want to know whether ESIC is deducted from my salary, there is medical exp in my family

    • I have checked the same, Salary after March 2018 are not available in the System to view. You can contact the helpdesk for more info about the salary slip via MP Treasury Salary Slip.

    • Yes, I too checked it but couldn’t able to download the same. Please make contact with Helpdesk team to get the latest salary statement details.

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