3rd PRC order for NTPC Employees out on 28.05.2018

National thermal power corporation is Asia largest power Generation Company which has an annual turnover of more than 75000 Crore  NTPC has an employee base of 22124 which includes the executives and non-executive in the power sector giant.

NTPC offers the .best compensation to employees. The 3rd PRC order for the National thermal power corporation officers and supervisory staff and workers is due from 01.01.2017.

The government of India already approved the 3rd PRC recommendation and official order No. W-02/0028/2017-DPE(WC)-GL-XIII/17 dated 03-08-2017 issued by the department of public enterprises.

NTPC management framed the guidelines to implement the 3rd PRC for employees working. Same has been sent to Power Ministry and then for DPE for the final nod.

Finally, the Governmnet power sector Maharatna Company has issued the pay revision order for the Board Level and Below board level executives. The Copy is available to download after the last para of this post.

Here we will see the quick features of 3rd PRC for the NTPC employees.

Revised Pay Scales

The Revised pay scales for the Executives will be applicable from 01.01.2017. The following table represents the pay scales for the executives of the company.

3rd PRC NTPC Revised Pay Scales from 01.01.2017
GradeName of PostExisting Pay ScaleRevised Pay Scales 01.01.2017
E116,400 – 40,50040,000 – 1,40,000
E2Engineer/Officer20,600 – 46,50050,000 – 1,60,000
E3Executive Trainee/ Assistant Manager24,900 – 50,50060,000 – 1,80,000
E4Deputy Manager/ Deputy Superintendent29,100 – 54,50070,000 – 2,00,000
E5Manager/ Superintendent32,900 – 58,00080,000 – 2,20,000
E6Senior Manager/ Senior Superintendent36,600 – 62,00090,000 – 2,40,000
E7Deputy General Manager43,200 – 66,0001,00,000 – 2,60,000
E8General Manager51,300 – 73,0001,20,000 – 2,80,000
E9Executive Director62,000 – 80,0001,50,000 – 3,00,000

Fitment Benefit

We just have seen the BHEL 3rd PRC order where 10% fitment was awarded for the BHEL executives. The NTPC employees got the full fitment benefit of the 3rd Pay revision committee.

The following table represents the formula for the fitment benefit.

Basic Pay +
increment(s) as
on 31.12.2016
(Personal Pay /
Special Pay not
to be included)
Industrial Dearness
Allowance (IDA) as
applicable on 1.1.2017
A + B + 15% of
amount C
rounded off
to the next

Calculation of Fitment Benefit

Suppose an employee has ‘X’ basic pay as on 31.12.2016. Then the calculation for revised basic pay is




Hence your new basic pay will be 2.52425 times of basic pay on 31.12.2016.

If ‘Y’ employee working in E3 pay scale on 31.12.2016 and after pay revision his/her basic pay remains less than 60,000. Then such executive basic pay will be fixed at the minimum of the revised pay scale. In this case, the ‘Y’ will get 60,000 as a revised basic pay.

Those who have joined the NTPC after 01.01.2017 or will be joining after this cut off date, they will not get any fitment benefit. However, they get revised basic pay which is much higher than the pre-revised pay.

Increment Rate

The government employee gets increment every year on the basic pay. The rate of increment will remain same as was in 2nd PRC report i.e. 3%.

House Rent Allowance rate

The 3rd PRC committee recommended the HRA rates of 24%, 16% and 8% for the X, Y and Z-Class city respectively.

The revised HRA criteria are mentioned in the table

NTPC Revised HRA Rates from 28.05.2018
City ClassHouse Rent Allowance Rate
X – Class24% of Basic Pay
Y – Class16% of Basic Pay
Z – Class8% of Basic Pay

Most of the NTPC employees take government accommodation due to process industry jobs. So such executives may not get the benefit of House rent allowances. The NTPC will deduct the amount as per House Rent Recovery (HRR) from employees who are residing in NTPC quarters. The rate of HRR is shown here in the table.

NTPC Revised HRA Rates from 28.05.2018
City ClassRate of HRR
X-class7.5% of Basic Pay
Y-class5% of Basic Pay
Z-class2.5% of Basic Pay

Leased Rent Accommodation

SBI leased rent accommodation policy is best in the Government organization. The NTPC has not developed the policy for the same. If you see the recent 3rd PRC pay revision order, NTPC management preparing the rules for the same.

Check: NTPC Salary in Hand

NTPC Perks & Allowances

The ceiling for the cafeteria allowances is 35% of the basic pay. The cost incurred on the facility like hospital, schools, college etc would be kept outside the ceiling of 35%.

Performance Related Pay

As NTPC is a profit-making Maharatna Company. Hence the Company is financially capable enough to pay the PRP to its employees. The rates of PRC are shown in the table.

PRP Weightage Criteria is based on following parameters

  • Company Performance (50%)
  • Team Performance (30%)
  • Individual Performance (20%)

The rate for PRP benefits depended on the grade of executives. Same is depicted here in the tabular form;

Performance Related Pay Criteria
Executive GradeCurrent ceiling (% of Basic Pay)New ceiling (% of Basic Pay)
E0 to E34040
E4 to E55050
Director (C&D)100100
Director (A&B)150125
CMD / MD (C&D)150125
CMD / MD (A&B)200150

Superannuation Benefits

It includes

  • Provident Fund Contribution by the Company
  • Gratuity
  • Post-Superannuation Medical benefit
  • Pension to executives/non-executives

The minimum service period required for the superannuation benefit is 15 years.

You can download the NTPC official pay revision order from here.

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    • You need to contact the recognized Union representatives or have to ask with management by filing an online RTI application.

    • 3rd PRC already implemented in NTPC for the executives. If you are not getting the same, contact with the HR department.

    • Only NTPC Management can provide this information, if you are not sure, you can file an online RTI application for the same.

  1. Sir,
    I m working in HAL Navaratna PSU,as non executive level with current basic₹ 31010= what is expected revised basic after 3rd PRC due fall on 1-1-2017.

    • You need to contact the non-executive union representative of NTPC or apply an RTI for asking the status of the pay revision of group C & D staff.

    • The Revision for the non-executive would come after the negotiations between the Management & the Union Leaders of the recognized non-executive representatives.
      So you can directly meet with NTPC Union Office Bearers of for the status of 3rd PRC.

    • Now individual PSUs PRC order are being issued by the respective ministries. NHPC will also be available after few days.

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