Indian Railway Group C & D Post name list of Salary in hand

Indian Railways is world’s eighth largest employer with the strength of around 14 lakh employees In India; It is one of the largest recruiters of talent. Indian Railway manages the fourth largest rail network internationally. Railway recruitment board (RRB) has the power to determine the vacancies to be filled. 

Applications are generally Invited online from the eligible candidates. Eligibility criteria differ widely for various group C positions.   Group C and group D constitute the largest part of the workforce.  Group C is a skilled position or a supervisory position. Group A and some of the group B positions are gazetted rank.

 For group D generally, a pass in 10th standard or an ITI certificate is the minimum requirement. Some designations are being clubbed together as MTS (Multi-tasking staff) Helpers in various departments are an example of grade D post. They carry tools and assist inspection and maintenance as well as operations. Safety is an important issue in Railway operations and all employees are trained in safe operation and maintenance practices.

Qualification (Bachelor degree or a diploma) in rail transportation is a preferred qualification in some positions. Interviewers and examiners try to assess arithmetic ability, general knowledge and awareness, psychological ability, physical efficiency, reasoning, technical capability, alertness and other qualities of the candidates.

Some of the typical group C and group D posts are reviewed below:

Railway Group D Posts lists (Class 4)


The gateman has to mainly to assist control traffic in level crossing in traffic section.  He/she operates (opens and closes) railway gates at the manned railway crossing. He gets the signal to close level crossing when a train is approaching the level crossing. Gateman has a cabin by the side of the track adjacent to the level crossing. Unmanned level crossings are being replaced by manned level crossings in view of the risk of accidents involved. This is an important position for the safety of people using the level crossing as well as rail commuters.


A sweeper cleans sweeps and mops the railway station, rail compartments and offices and equipment in some cases.


The Porter loads and unloads parcels and cargo from /into bogies assists its movement and distribution. This post is mainly to ensure that goods transported are placed securely and handed over to the owners.

Assistant point’s man

Assistant Points man moves and positions the levers or the switches to shift tracks (to jerk) and guide the wheels of the train to the desired track connecting to a route or a specific platform. He/she connects or disconnects particular coaches/ wagons from /to the particular trains as per plan.

Track maintainer (Trackman)

Track maintainer is responsible for patrolling railway tracks, inspecting, repairing and reporting track condition. He/she works on bridges and tunnels as well as necessary equipment. Tracks must be aligned and leveled. Material for repair must be arranged. The track maintainer can prevent costly derailment of coaches by taking timely preventive actions in an effective manner.

Signal maintainer (electrical signal maintainer/mech signal maintainer)

Signal maintainer monitors and maintains electronic and other signaling equipment and telecom equipment. He/she ensures that the signaling and communication are reliable and faultless.


Helper is a common designation in most departments. Duties of helpers are dependent upon the functions of the department.

 Electrical helper

In the electrical department, Helpers assist in inspection and repair of electrical equipment.

 Helper (S&T)

Works in service & transmission dept. and assists maintenance of power distribution systems by inspection, arranging spare parts, tools etc.

Helper ( S&T Workshops )

Assists in the inspection and repair as well as overhauling activity of the department involving the transmission and distribution equipment such as switches, fuses, transformers, switchgear and circuit breakers.

Helper (Signaling telecom)

He/she takes part in inspection, maintenance, and repair of signaling and telecommunication equipment. The department plays a significant role in ensuring traffic planning and safety of rail movement.

Helper (Coach Workshops)

Generally assists in building and assembly of coaches as well as overhauling or maintenance of the coaches in use.

Hospital Attendant

Assists in clinical or healthcare related jobs such as setting beds for patients, organizing patient care equipment, distributing medical consumables inwards, moving the patients in the wheelchair.


This post is below the helper in field work such as track maintenance, workshop operation etc.  The person is required to carry tools and clean the equipment.

Goods guard

He/she is in charge of managing the movement of goods trains in coordination with Loco Pilot.

Railway Group D Salary in Hand

Railway Group D Salary after 7th CPC
Post NameOld Pay Band & Grade PayRevised Basic Pay from 01.01.2016Gross Salary per Month
Gateman5,200 – 20,200 Grade Pay 180018,00025,200 – 40,000
Assistant pointsman
Hospital Attendant
Helper (S&T, Electrical, and Workshop)

Assistant Loco Pilot

Former designation of this post was Asst. Driver. The Asst loco pilot has the responsibility to assist the Loco Pilot in driving the locomotive in various track locations according to prescribed speed limits, the climatic conditions as well as the terrain. He/she must ensure that engine is tuned properly and fuel efficiency is monitored. Routine inspection is also performed by ALP as well as keen observation of signals. Duty involves continuous travel.

Check: RRB Loco Pilot Salary

Train Ticket Examiner (TTE)

The TTEs are required to make sure that passengers travel with appropriate ticket. They also allocate vacant berths and seats for RAC passengers and waitlisted passengers. They are required to collect the fare, reservation charges, and penalties dues if applicable from the passengers.  They make sure that unauthorized persons do not occupy the reserved seats.

 The duty calls for alertness and vigil all the time, as the trains are run throughout day and night according to duty allocated.  Safety and security of passengers and assets are important in running of trains.

Railway Train Ticket Examiner & ALP Salary

Railway ALP & TTE Salary after 7th CPC
Post NameOld Pay Band & Grade PayRevised Basic Pay from 01.01.2016Gross Salary per Month
Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP)5,200 – 20,200 Grade Pay 190019,90028,000 – 44,000
Travelling Ticket Examiner

Railway Group C Post name

Senior Time Keeper

 The job profile of this post is that of time checkers that ensure that railway employees report to duty on time and the attendance is marked correctly for salary calculation. They also make sure that leave is taken only as per rules after due authorization by the higher authority and unauthorized absence is accounted and reported.

Asst station master (ASM)

 The ASM helps and assists the Station Master in managing the railway station. Any graduate is generally eligible to apply for this post.  Ensures signal operation, shift working is involved. They ensure that trains that arrive at the platform are provided with necessary services. It is a position of responsibility. ASM has to supervise group D employees in operation, maintenance, and other functions.

Chief ticket examiners

Supervise TTEs and ensure that rules are followed in allocation of vacant seats and berths and ticketless travelers are penalized in accordance with law. They also make sure that only eligible persons avail of the concessions.

Junior Engineer

Junior Engineer is a class-3 post in the Indian Railways departments, he/she works directly under SSE. I have already shared an article about RRB Junior Engineer Salary Eligibility and qualification which will help you get more information.

Senior Section Engineer

Railway Senior Section Engineer is also a Group-C post and he supervises and gets the works from his/her subordinates. You can check the post Senior Section Engineer Salary minimum qualification, job profile etc.

Railway Group C post salary

Railway Group C Officers Salary after 7th CPC
Post Name6th CPC Pay Band & Grade PayRevised Basic Pay from 01.01.2016Gross Salary per Month
Senior Time Keeper5,200 – 20,200 Grade Pay 280029,20028,000 – 44,000
Asst Station Master (ASM)9,300-34,800 Grade Pay 4,20035,40050,000 – 68,000
LP Shunter-I/ Sr. Goods Gaurd
Junior Engineer
Senior Section Engineer9,300-34,800 Grade Pay 4,60044,90063,000 – 80,000
Chief Ticket Examiners


An Indian railway is manned by persons with different combinations of skills and abilities. Based on new technology the requirement of skills and knowledge would change continuously.

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