Salary of Gujarat Police ASI/SI, Constable, DSP after 7th Pay Commission

A police officer is also known as an officer, policeman, cop, police agent or police employee. Police officers are generally charged with the apprehension of criminals and the prevention and detection of crime, protection and assistance of the general public, and the maintenance of public order.

Some Key Competencies Of Police Officers Are:

  • They must have a good sense of justice.
  • He/she should be a brave person
  • They must have complete knowledge of the law and have good communication skills which attract the public easily.
  • They are like a problem solver for the general public.
  • The main quality of police officer is that he/she should have a protective personality with physically and mentally fit characteristics.

Gujarat police department plays a vital role in the lives of people and society. The Gujarat police department was established right after Gujrat and Greater Mumbai partition in May 1960. Its main headquarters is located in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujrat. Gujrat police have been performing their duties and handling responsibilities excellently from last 58 years.

Gujarat Police Salary

The Government directly recruit the Constables, Sub Inspectors, and DSP cadre employees. I will explain the salary details of these officers/official in Police Department. Same is shown in the table.

Gujarat Police Salary after 7th CPC
Name of Post6th CPC Pay Scale & Grade PayNew Basic pay after 01.01.2016Minimum Gross Pay Per Month
Unarmed Constable, Writer, Driver, Naik, Daftari, Mochi, Barber, Mali, Dhobi4,440 – 7,440 Grade Pay 1,40015,00021,000
Havaldar (Head Constable)4,440 – 7,440 Grade Pay 1,65015,70022,000
Sub Inspector (SI)
Police Inspector
Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP Class-II)9,300-34,800 Grade Pay 5,40053,10074,000
Deputy Superintendent of Police (Class-I)15,600 – 39,100 Grade Pay 5,40056,10078,500

The payment to Sub Inspector, DSP, Inspector post is similar to the other states police department. However, in the case of Constable, the pay differs a lot. The same situation already reported by Times Of India on 05 Feb 2010. If we compare the Gujarat Constable salary with neighboring states Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi the difference in the monthly payment is around 5000 to 6000 which is huge. And the duties and responsibilities are almost equal for each state.

Here we will discuss some tremendous job profiles of the police in various departments:


The police constable is basically the lower-ranked officer that performs some simple but hectic tasks in the police administration. A police constable is a person who registers FIR against any unwanted crimes. After that, he takes necessary actions relevant to that crime.

A police constable is responsible for entire station management and criminal law enforcement. The respective department of the constable can vary significantly in different jurisdictions.

Constable Job Profile

The posts carry the designation executive for the constables and that gives the impression that this personnel can take decisions on their own as in other cases, constables are generally not entrusted with decision making power in other police forces.

 Key Function and Role Of Gujarat Police Constable

  • Being the officer in the field: This is the main reason why they are called an executive constable.  As a constable, you will have to be alert 24×7 on the streets and have to take prompt and quick decisions regarding any incidence that is taking place or has already taken place.
  • Patrolling the streets: Being a constable you have to make sure that fellow citizens are having a peaceful law and order situation in your area. For that to happen, you have to undertake patrolling activities frequently and regularly in the area allotted to you.
  • Filling reports: This is the main and important duty of the constable that you will be made to file reports on your activities and you have to submit them to your seniors on a daily basis.
  • Doing multi-tasking stuffs: As the name suggests you have to perform multitasking duties because as a junior most you cannot deny that as well.


The name itself suggests that this position is the subordinate to some other officer that is circle inspector.  Sub-inspector is the first investigation officer partially but not completely because sub inspector can do inquiry and has full power to investigate. He can exercise all his powers to prevent and detect crime.

Sub-inspector has to follow deputy tahsildar orders because he is an executive magistrate of mandala level. Overall, a sub-inspector plays a vital role in the police department and is governed responsibility and discharge of duty by state police manuals, including administration responsibilities as well. The SHO (station house officer) is considered as a sub-inspector that generally lodges important documents like FIR etc. In other words, sub-inspector is the backbone of police administration in every state.

 Job Profile And The Powers Of Gujarat Sub-inspector

 Inspection role: Their responsibilities include inspection of the police station and examining personnel and all the case records and then ensuring the police personnel conforms to prescribed standards of appearance, conduct, and efficiency.

Preparing reports: The role of sub-inspector is to prepare reports concerning disciplines, efficiency, and condition of force within the division. They Submit reports to superiors and recommend disciplinary actions changes in rules governing activities of force.

Formulation of procedures: Sub-inspector is responsible for the formulation of procedures and human resource requirements and direct personnel assigned to crowd control at such events as parades, demonstrations, and labor disputes.


Deputy Superintendent of police is the highest rank reached by police officers who join the state police cadre. Generally, they join the police force as sub-inspector then get promoted to inspectors and after that promoted to DSPs. However, there are some states including Gujarat that has state-based public communion for recruiting officers for DSP designation. In other states, the rank is achieved only through the performance and promotion. The rank insignia for DSPs is three silver stars on his shoulders.

Key Duties And Job Profile Of Deputy Superintendent Of Police

Under the guidance of director general of police Gujarat state has to look after the administrative matters of the police force under the jurisdiction of Gandhi Nagar district to regulate and to guide in the matters of procedure, orders, the study of law, exercise arms and ammunition.

  • They have to maintain law and order, crime prevention and detection, surveillance and intelligence.
  • To enforce discipline, enhance efficiency and morale of the force.

The DSP (Deputy superintendent of police) has responsibilities to have an eye on all police department work and efficiency of police subdivisions, and the circle inspector has responsibilities to supervise the work of police stations falling in their zones and ensuring the highly efficient performance of police force.

  • He is responsible to avoid untoward situations he may advise the sub-inspector to issue prohibitory orders and even to clamp curfew if the situation so warrants.
  • He is duties include crowd controlling during religious fests and fairs and other crowd attracting centers are included in the special responsibilities.

A  DSP controls the Crime incidences in his region/ assigned area through:

  • Effective patrolling by his fleet
  • Investigation of grave crimes and making and receiving special reports about these cases.
  • Supervision all the subordinates that keep constant vigilance takes preventive measures and maintains criminal records up to date in the district police department.

That’s all about Gujarat police job profiles, their duties, powers, roles, and responsibilities. For more updates stay tuned with us.

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