Scope of CS engineering after 4 years

Computer science engineering is one the best engineering course with excellent scope, growth and salary packages. If you are planning to pursue computer science engineering, here we have exposed everything that will help and guide you to take decision wisely and to know the future scope with this engineering branch.

What is Computer Science Engineering?

It’s the branch of engineering that involves the study and analyzing of computations, like programming languages, computer hardware, operating system, software, algorithms and program design.

Who Should Take It

There so many reasons that you should opt computer science engineering. It has huge scope in this modern technological world.

If you ever get the opportunity to pursue computer science engineering from the top 25 reputed engineering college of India, opting CSE will be a great choice for you. CSE graduates are in high demands by private companies and MNCs with great salary packages and other facilities.

However, if you want to get a job in government PSUs or want to become IAS or IPS, probably CSE is not the course for you. Here is the list of Government Jobs for Computer Science Engineering Grdauates.

Do you love coding?

Well, most of the individuals or student find it really hard to answer the question. They may sound confusing that whether they know & love coding or not.

Are you the kind of student or person that loves to solve mathematical puzzles and problems? If your answer is yes, CSE is made for you.

However, you can also go through some practical examples and experiments just to check whether coding is your type of work or not. Just learn any of the languages and do some relevant projects based on that particular programming language that you learn. It will help you to get the satisfactory answer to the question “ whether you love coding or not”.

Overall, if you are good in maths and have appropriate mathematical skills, CSE is best for you. It’s one of the interesting fields where you will be enjoying the new academic challenges and technological things.

Future Job Scenario

Computer Science Engineering is considered as one of those engineering courses that can secure your future with an appropriate job and with time growth. However, you will have to stay updated with new trends and technologies to do well in this field. It offers endless job opportunities and there are certain factors that affect the future job scopes and scenarios.

First of all, it’s really important to choose an appropriate engineering college for the course. The reputation of the engineering college somehow affects the future job scopes up to some extent. Most of the reputed companies and MNCs use to visit reputed engineering campuses for the campus placements. They trust the quality of students that they hire on the basis of the reputation of the engineering college.

However, if you will opt a new or developing college, you will have to work hard and probably you may have to struggle as well.

Also, there are some other great options like walk-ins. You can visit the walk-in venues and give your best to get hired and get an appropriate job that matches your skills.

Overall, there is huge job opportunity but you will have to be conscious.

After Computer Engineering there are many options for students to pick up for this future.

We can categorize the further options into main 3 sectors:-

  1. Job
  2. Studies
  3. Business

Computer Science Job Types

Computer Science field offers a wide range of job opportunities and types. Some of the popular and most demanded positions and job types are:

Developer: That’s one of the best jobs for CSE engineers. Well, you have to be a hard coder to enter the market as a software developer to grab great opportunities. This job or position offer the highest salary known for computer science graduates with great facilities and benefits. However, there is so much competition in this field, but it has endless job opportunities as well.

Software Testing: That’s another job field where you can grab job opportunities being a computer science engineer. Here your key role will be to test software and check their responsiveness, efficiency and finding bugs as well. If you have appropriate programming skills, user interface designing skills and software architecture skills, probably this field will be best for you. However, here in this field, you may have to compromise with the salary package. This job or position offer low salary packages as compared to the developer ones.

Cyber Security: Technology has its negative side also. And to overcome the cyber threats most of the companies are very conscious about the cybersecurity. That’s why there is demand as well for candidates with cybersecurity skills. Being a cybersecurity expert your responsibilities will be to prevent each and every cyber threat that exists in this modern technological world. Threats include information stealing, password protection, online/electronic money transaction protection etc.

Mobile App Development: That’s another sector offering huge vacancies and job opportunities for CSE graduates. As you must be knowing, most of companies and industries are now preferring mobile applications to reach the audience, and for promotion and marketing as well. Platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian, Java etc. are some popular mobile application platforms. Overall, with this type of job, you can earn really well and can expect appropriate growth with time and experiences.

Majority of the graduates choose this option. Nearly about 70-80% choose this option as they are capable to earn for their lively hood. A graduate in Computer Engineering can find a job according to his/her field of interest. They can find a job which are described below:-

  • Application Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Games Developer
  • Information System Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • Multimedia Programmer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Software Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • UX Analyst
  • Web Designer
  •  Web Developer
  • Digital Copywriter
  • IT Sales Professional
  • IT Trainer
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Network Engineer
  • PPC Specialist
  • Product Manager
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Social Media Manager
  • Technical Author
  • UX Designer
  • Web Content Manager

Some people tend to take experience or internships by working or by being part of large frame IT companies.

A few courses may include a year out in the industry, where you can keep on developing key skill and develop a system of contacts. Joining a college club or society that gives you the chance to build up your knowledge, website composition or mixed media abilities likewise helps while applying for graduate employment.

It’s helpful to build up your very own individual arrangement ventures, for example, those including programming, assembling a site or completing task online as a moderator. your ability to drive and capacity in settling bugs, enhancing usefulness or building an application will help demonstrate your abilities and enthusiasm for the subject.

Work experience and knowledge gained during this time period help to get awareness and upgrading your skills.

Salary & Growth

Salary and growth are two important factors associated with any job. When its about COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING, you will surely get a great salary and other benefits with time in this field. Also, the average salary that a CSE graduate get in India is around 3.68 LPA. However, with skills in development, UNIX, and LINUX, you can surely get high salary packages.

Talking about the growth, you can expect promotions and great growth in most of the job field but you will have to work hard and gain some experience first. You will have to prove your skills and abilities to access excellent opportunities and growth in future. Also, CSE is known for the highest pay scale and great future and career scope. Thus, there is nothing to worry about, just give your best.


You may pick one of the accompanying postgraduate projects to begin your career in the interested fields.

M.Tech/M.S in IITs: It is the best choice who looks for the good profession in the software engineering field. These two projects are offered by IISc, all IITs, and just M.Tech offered in NITs. After the culmination of M.Tech/M.S, you may apply to any intrigued associations for occupations or research work. It is anything but difficult to land position or Ph.D. after these two projects. M.Tech is 2 years program, and M.S is 3 years program. Some of the IITs likewise gives M.Tech 3 years program.

Coordinate Ph.D.: This program is suggested for those individuals who are keen on look into. Here you might be required to labor for a long time obviously work and least 3 years of research work to finish the Ph.D. program. Add up to it takes least 5 years to finish the program.

Double Degree (M.Tech + Ph.D.): It is likewise like Ph.D., just the distinction is that you will get the two degrees including M.Tech and Ph.D.

M.B.A: This program is useful for the competitors who are keen on administration courses. In India, IIMs give great chances to M.B.A and furthermore different private colleges give great open doors after M.B.A.

M.S. in remote colleges: You may likewise think about M.S. program in remote foundations after B.E/ Plentiful of chances accessible to this degree. After M.S. program, you may work in abroad or additionally qualified to work in India. USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Canada, and Malaysia are mainstream goals to ponder higher degree in abroad.

PG programs in remote colleges: Various other PG programs are likewise accessible in outside organizations after B.E/B.Tech. You can additionally apply for those PG programs in light of your advantage.

Higher Education through Entrance Exams:

The accompanying placement tests permit to take the confirmation in postgraduate projects.

GATE, BITS Pilani, GRE, GMAT, CAT, TIFR, TOEFL, IELTS, IIIT Hyderabad (PGEE), other private university exams, and statewide PG exams.

Opportunities for Higher Degree

Advanced education gives the learning to pick the best profession in the pertinent field. You can begin your vacation in any of the accompanying fields:

  • Higher Education for steady employment: You can pick the activity in any field of programming, instructing, research, administration, and different fields. Basically, y you will get great compensation for your higher degree in great institutes. 70 to 80 percent of higher degree competitors pick this way to begin their profession.
  • Higher Education for new businesses: Higher degree gives the best capability and great learning to begin your enterprise to give the item based or benefit arranged.
  • Higher Education for Teaching: Postgraduate projects can manufacture your basics and fabricates profundity learning in the intrigued field. You may begin instructing to share your insight and learn constantly in the educating field.
  • Higher Education for Research: Some of the PG programs additionally begins your profession in the exploration field. You can join look into associations to work in the intrigued inquire about fields.

Areas in Computer Science and Engineering

After B.E/B.Tech, there are numerous regions where you can show your enthusiasm for any of them to center your vocation. New thoughts are created each day. The achievement will require a progressing responsibility regarding keeping up a la mode information and additionally a devotion to push past the agreeable, to investigate, advance, and make. Here’s a rundown of profession open doors for software engineering graduates:

Programming Engineering, Theoretical software engineering, Computer Architecture, Mobile Computing, Computer Networks, Network Security, Information Technology, Game Theory, Machine learning, Data mining, Operating Systems, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You can check here the short term courses after B.Tech in CSE.

Looking into banking you have two main choices IBPS / SBI.

In the changing circumstances of today, the managing an account segment has not been constrained to negligible monetary exchanges and authority paper works. The managing an account division has proceeded with the most recent innovative headways grasping center saving money offices over the whole nation. The managing an accounting framework has turned out to be reliant on various kinds of programming to run their everyday exercises. This reliance on PCs and most recent innovation have cleared a path for specialized specialists and individuals with skill in the new age innovation. In this way, the keeping money framework needs individuals with aptitude in the new age innovation.

  • Coping up with the new technology
  • Analytical and Mathematical Skills of the Engineers
  • Communication Skills and leadership qualities
  • More familiar with new Software
  • Handling technological requirements of the bank


You have an alternate option other than job and studies i.e Business or Self-employment.

If your job search is going nowhere and you have computer science skills, consider self-employment. One can start own computer service based work with low funds where a service seeker hire professional on need basis.

In this, you can start up your in business according to your knowledge and interest.

You can team up to start a small designing or software company depending on your ability and resources.


That’s all. Be wise, take decisions carefully and give your best. Hope the content helps you and guide you appropriately. Wishing you good luck for your future. Hope you do really well with your career.

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