Job opportunities for electrical engineers Graduates & freshers

Are you planning for an electrical engineering degree or just received your degree? Well, in both the cases its necessary to understand everything including scope and opportunities associated with an electrical engineering degree in today’s competitive world. Here we have explained everything to give you an appropriate exposure so that you can deal with your future as an electrical engineer really well.

What is Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the technology of electricity. This branch of engineering includes designing, developing, supervision of electrical equipment and devices.

Why should I take Electric Engineering

Electrical engineering is full of opportunities and if you’re interested in electrical and electricity technology this branch is the right option for you. Job opportunities, great salary packages, great facilities etc. are some of the factors that you can consider to opt electrical engineering course.

Scope after Electrical Engineering

The scope is something that everyone thinks about before opting and pursuing any course. Well, when it’s about scope, electrical engineering is an evergreen engineering branch that is offering so many opportunities from last many decades. Below we have described every scope of electrical engineering so that you can understand it really well.

Software Job

It involves programming up to an extent, or you can say there are certain subjects like programming in C, C++, Matlab, AutoCAD Etc. Thus, you can see electrical engineering also offer skills in programming and software.

If you have sufficient skills and you want to make your career in the software industry, then, of course, you can. There are so many MNCs and other software industries in India that actually hire electrical engineering graduates. And the job opportunities are endless in software field. Also, the salary packages and other benefits are some attracting factors when it’s about software industry job.

Industrial Job

That’s one of the core jobs. Electrical engineers are highly in demand by core organizations and industries. As you know the core electrical companies based on metal, power, Petroleum, Automobile etc. have a huge set of electrical machines including motors, transformers, Generators, converter, turbines and other electrical devices and machines.
Thus, these companies require electrical engineering candidates or employees that can maintain and operate these electrical machines appropriately.

Usually, the job posts offered by these core electrical industries are

  • Site Er
  • Maintenance Er
  • Service Er
  • Machine Operator Er

Designing Job

It’s the dream job of most of the electrical engineering graduates. Basically, being an electrical designing engineer it will be your responsibilities to develop and design the more and more efficient electrical machines, equipment and devices with an ideal approach. It’s one of those job types or designations that is really tough to get. It requires very effective and high-quality skills.

Being an electrical design engineer your job will be to make more efficient circuit designs, machines with low power consumption, power loss and with great outputs.

As said above, it’s one of those jobs that is really tough to get, however, it’s not impossible. You can prepare yourself accordingly and you will surely get a job in this field.

Construction/Project Job

Construction and project-based jobs are known as another excellent opportunity for electrical engineers. Also, there are huge job opportunities in this field.

There are so many reputed companies like BHEL, L&T, Engineer India Limited, EPIL etc that offer jobs in this field.
The key role of electrical engineers in this field is to design units and set up units of power plants, grids, refineries, metal industries, smelting units etc.

It’s one of the most responsible jobs. As engineers have to perform each and every action and tasks very carefully otherwise with one minor mistake they can affect the target project very badly.

The kind of posts offered in this job field are:

  • Senior and junior Site Er
  • Senior and junior Project Er
  • Site and Project Maintenance Er
  • Service Er etc.

 Govt Jobs

Electrical engineering is one of those engineering branches that have more job opportunities in government sector as compared to private and MNC sectors. Also, the government sectors offer many facilities and benefits that usually are not available in private sectors.

Below we have explained the job opportunities in govt. sectors:


Most of the reputed core electrical companies owned or authorized by Indian government accepts job applications via GATE score only. Companies like NTPC, EIL, BHEL etc. consider gate score as the prior stage of their selection process. They determine a cutoff gate score every year, only those candidates who can hit or cross that cutoff score will get selected for other selection process and procedures of the respective company. Here is the list of Govt Jobs for Electrical Engineers.

UPSC And IES (Indian Engineering Services)

UPSC conducts exam for Civil Services & Engineering services ( with a purpose to hire technical graduates for the companies, departments, and industries of the government of India). A candidate can opt for Electrical engineering is one of the main subjects for the UPSC civil service examination.

The Engineering services offer a wide range of services and roles for electrical engineers. Some of the key services and roles include:

  • Central Electrical Engineering Services (Central Public Work Department)
  • Central Power Engineering And Services
  • EME, Indian Army
  • Military Engineering Services
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Railway
  • P&T Building work services etc.

 So, these are some of the service available and where being an electrical engineer you can fit yourself by clearing UPSC and IES exam.


Salary of electrical engineers varies with the job type, designation, and kind of industry. However, Electrical Designer and Electrical Project Managers usually get a very high salary. Also, if it’s about facilities, government sector can’t be ignored. Presently, the average salary of electrical engineers in India is ₹3,50,084 annually. Engineers in electrical designing, C programming, AutoCAD electrical, electrical project field get high salaries and facilities.
Overall, you will get a satisfactory salary, facilities and other benefits with this profession. Also, there is promotion scenario, which means there is more growth in this field with experiences and time.


So that’s the list of scope and opportunities for electrical engineering graduates. Hope the content has explored everything about scope and opportunities associated with electrical engineering and it helps you in the future.

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