The positively ambiguous state of healthcare in India

Medicine or various sections of health care has been pursued by people from all walks of life as it is a profitable and an essential venture for those looking to be gods or extend their failing health.

Since few years, medicine has been the best deal for people who discovered that prayers and sacrifices did not always hold/give the desired results to people and thus through a form of experiment and trial and error chemistry we now have lifesaving medicines. This however was not as easy as the previous sentence makes out to be, the earliest form of medicine were applying of balms or leeches. Yes, you read that right, leeches helped in detoxifying the blood as it was believed at the time. , In earlier times surgery was done without anaesthetic or antiseptic which was a painful. The modern practices of the day now have eliminated the need for leeches and ad hoc amputation for those who are in need of healing. So the next step a reader is to find the importance and social standing in countries like India. The education system is also churning out adept graduates and are streamlining the process for people through the NEET 2018 exam.

The answer to these questions is a resounding ‘yes’. The healthcare system in India is widely sought out by the citizens in the America and Europe, the term “medical tour” is created to name this phenomenon. The medical field is blessed with patrons of both, rich in disease and money. So an incurring set of revenue is established and boosts the economy as well, but all is not well as healthcare in India is split between private and Government sector.

The cleanliness ,the attitude and nearly everything else in government hospital is  a far cry to the well-oiled machines that is the private sector, they succeed where most government hospitals fail and this has largely to do with the fact that they are privately funded and capitalist in nature while the government sector deals with government funds and are largely run by unelected officials who will then continue to line their pockets and cause their respective hospital sector to tank in quality and revenue. Not that I am absolving the private health sector of the charges of bribery and mal practice but one simple glance will reveal what that government has  eaten the whole pie and are moving for the crumbs ,so if you like to work for the (private) health sector then you must first write the NEET 2018 exams just like you need to write JEE main 2018 to get into engineering. No, I don’t mean becoming a Japanese social outcast, the full form is national eligibility entrance test which is the go to exam for the entry into medical examinations and the joyous wonder of being like a literal god to the people who come to you for aid and thus make it the best use of the opportunities and take the NEET 2018 exam and be one of the most well payed revered people on earth.

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