All you need to know about Syllabus & Examination Pattern of RBI Gr. B Officers

RBI regulates the monetary policy of the country’s currency and acts as banker for the bankers. It maintains foreign exchange reserves that determine the exchange rate of Rupee. It is the autonomous, as the top monetary authority of the country. As a central bank, RBI tries to maintain economic stability and control inflation while maintaining healthy economic growth.

RBI regulates and supervises the financial system of the country. Besides controlling the foreign currency, it issues currency notes and coins. It determines the cash reserve ratio, (CRR), bank rate and statutory liquidity ratio, reverse repo rate, and repo rate.

The renowned government department has announced the RBI grade B vacancy for the following positions:

Director – General

Director, Economic policy research (DEPR)

Director, Statistics & Info management (DSIM)

Duties of Directors

Director-General may handle bank supervision as well as inspection for regulatory compliance/fin market regulation/policy research/risk management, based on the dept being posted.

DEPR organizes macro-level economic policy research, research covers the economy, growth/stagnation, money policy issues,multi-dimensional variables of growth and inflation, supports governments with statistics on state finance position, public and household savings, organizes interactions with other researchers, provides statistics on the state of economy.

DSIM collects, analyzes, organizes data and info on banking, corporate entities, and conducts sample surveys, creates forecast macro indicators and provides support to policymaking.

RBI Grade B Selection Procedure DR-GEN

Selection process mainly consists of a phase 1 prelim examination, phase 2 Examination (Main) as well as the personal interview. The prelim examination is a screening test, which shortlists eligible candidates for the main examination. This stage of the exam has three papers. (Total of 300 marks.)

DR-GEN Written Exam Phase-I

Preliminary examination consists of general knowledge, English language, English grammar, vocabulary, Logical reasoning ability as well as aptitude related questions, numerical, Analytical reasoning, verbal/nonverbal reasoning.

DR-GEN Phase-II Exam

RBI Grade B Phase-II exam pattern Marks time duration

Phase 2 will have 3 papers: 1 economic and social issues, 2English proficiency (Written) as well as 3 any one of finance and management/economics/statistics. Those who top the merit list in written test will be eligible for personal interview.


Candidates will be called for interview on the basis of marks in the Phase-II exam. The personal Interview section is of 50 Marks. It is conducted for assessing the personality, communication skills and subject knowledge of the candidate. Main questions may relate to duties and job profile. Banking regulations and monetary issues, and the role of RBI can also be discussed. General awareness can also be assessed.

The final merit list will be prepared on the basis of aggregate of Phase-II and Interview Marks.

Syllabus DR-GEN Gr. B

  1. English (writing proficiency, skills): Expression & comprehension
  2. Economic & social issues: Developmental economics, GNP, development, sustainability, liberalization, employment, BOP, WTO, urbanization, human development, issues of education and health, planning & poverty alleviation
  3. Finance & Management

RBI role, financial system, fin markets, banking risk assessment, derivatives, inflation, govt budgets, policies, disinvestment, social cost-benefit analysis, processes in management, organizing-planning-directing, effectiveness, motivating and communicating.


Micro Economics, price-demand under monopoly-perfect competition,

Macroeconomics, international economics, developmental issues in India.

You can view and download the RBI Gr. B DR-Gen Syllabus from here.

RBI Grade B DR General Syllabus pdf

RBI Grade B DR-DEPR & DSIM Selection Process

Candidates are selected on the basis of written exam of 3 papers ( paper 1 Economic as well as social issue, paper2 English writing communication skills, paper 3 finance & management), followed by personal interview.

Written Exam

There are three papers for the DR-DSIM & DEPR post. The paper-I is objective type examination of 2-hour duration with maximum 100 marks. The Paper-I qualified will get chance to appear in the Paper-II descriptive examination on Economics or Statistics. The whole examination process for the DSIM & DEPR post shown here in the attached image.

Reserve Bank of India Grade B Officer DR General, DEPR & DSIM Exam schedule and dates 2018.

Personal Interview

It is conducted for assessing the suitability of the candidate for the positions of DEPR/DSIM. Communication, research skills and general awareness as well as subject knowledge can be evaluated. Role of RBI and general policy issues may be discussed too.

The Final merit list based on the total marks in the Phase-II & III written exam and personal interview section.

Syllabus for DEPR/DSIM

Syllabus includes:

English proficiency and written communication skills, comprehension, assessment of expression.

Economy & Social issues as well as concerns, GNP, growth rate, per capita measurement of income, and unemployment, and poverty, alleviation of unemployment, sustainability, and development vs.  environment, reforms, labor & Industrial policy, taxation and fiscal policy, monetary control, BOP, import liberalization, International economy, world trade organization, IMF, migration, human development, education, health issues, gender equality, social inequality.

Finance & Management: RBI functions related to banking regulations and monetary control policy, primary financial markets, secondary markets, derivatives, risk assessment, privatization, and disinvestment.

The scope of Mngt science, processes of control and directing, organizing, planning process, staffing, the role of leader-managers, effectiveness of leadership, HRD, objectives and goals, performance management and appraisal, counseling and feedback, rewarding,  incentives for motivation, morale, communication and IT, governance issues.

You can view and download the Syllabus of RBI Grade B DR-DSIM & DEPR from here.

RBI Grade B Syllabus DR DEPR DSIM pdf


Candidates may refer to RBI website for more details and previous sample question paper.

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