Opportunities after B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

First of all, let me congratulate all of you for completing or about to complete your strenuous education duration to finally emerge as a ‘Mechanical Engineer’. Unlike people’s believes, the mechanical engineer is not your regular garage mechanic, this elite branch of one of most preferred profession engineering is related to machines and its mechanisms.

Though automobiles is a part of mechanical engineering that’s not all about it. Anything, where you need a machinery, involves knowledge of mechanical engineering. It has become the backbone of all industries and businesses. Name it and you will find a mechanical department there.

Aeronautics that is all the space-related stuff, automobiles, industrial machinery, robotics and much more are few of the common applications of mechanical engineering. It involves the functioning, maintenance, and repairs of any machinery. So consider yourself a very proud being to be one of the most sought-after and well-paid professionals across the globe.

Now a common question which is often asked by Mechanical Engineers is, what to do after completion of their bachelor degree that is B.Tech/B.E. This article compiled just for you. We have tried our level best to encompass all the possible options you can opt for after completion of your graduation. So let’s start with it.

Postgraduate Courses

The more you study, the better you become. This saying never goes out of style and still remains true to its every word. You can opt for pursuing a master’s degree in any of your preferred branches enlisted in mechanical engineering. For admissions in masters degree program, you will have to fight entrance exams like GATE, GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS.

Various colleges conduct their own separate entrance examinations that you may contest for that particular college. All the details about these exams can be found on their respective websites. But like the entrance exam you gave for under graduation, you will have to prepare yourself pretty well to fight these exams. The best way to do this is to plan your preparation beforehand, find out all the important books you need to study and implement a suitable timetable.

Many aspirants find that joining a coaching institute helps them out, but that is person’s personal opinion. You may find what makes you tick and follow that path. All the best to all those who choose this path. May you clear it with flying colors.

Private Company Jobs

As mentioned above, being a mechanical engineer has made you one of the most sought-after professional, so you may definitely choose to start filling in your pockets by joining some company. Here is the list of most of Mechanical Engineering Companies where he/she can work.

All the industries like cement industry, steel industry, automobile industry, machinery manufacturers, and etcetera require mechanical engineers. You may have come across many such companies during your campus selection and if not you can always check the company’s website to find out if a vacancy is there and apply the same. Also, getting a job does not mean that you cannot study further if you may wish to. You can join any distance learning course to sharpen your skills.

Government Jobs

You can fight entrance exams to get a secured and well-respected government job also. Like Indian Administrative Services, we also have Indian Engineering Services. For this, you will have to contest in Engineering Services Examination (ESE) which is conducted by UPSC. It is a three-stage examination, comprising of five tests in total. For further details on the same, you may refer the UPSC official site.

In state government you can get a chance to enter Electric board, Public Work dept., State Transportation Dept. as a Junior Engineer through written examinations. Vacancies for the same will be announced. You will need GATE scores to apply for the famous leading PSUs like NTPC, BHEL, GAIL, ONGC, EIL, IOCL and government department like BARC that is Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for the post of a scientist.

For DRDO and ISRO you may apply directly whenever you see any job opportunities there. You can follow the link to get all government jobs for mechanical engineers.  You can also have the invaluable opportunity to enroll and be a part of the esteemed Indian Air Force by giving exam of AFCAT.

Other Options


Many of graduates these days are going for this option. Masters of Business Administration can be studied under various different branches. Admission to this course again requires you to study, prepare and give examinations like GMAT, CAT, XAT, etc.

Central Government services

Many engineers also opt to change the field altogether and choose to join government services. The options here are either to fight the very famous but equally tough UPSC exam or may have the honor to serve your country and join defense services by giving CDS aka Common Defence Services exam. By this exam, you can get selected and trained in the Indian army, naval services or air force as a military officer. You can also join public sector bank by giving IBPS- Institute of Banking Personal Services or fight Short Service Commission by giving SSC and join police forces.

Teaching Jobs

You can use all the knowledge you have gathered in all these years and put them together to help the new crop of engineers. You can either join the engineering colleges as faculty or be a part of various coaching institutes where students come to prepare for different entrance examinations.

These both jobs as a teacher or professor also yield good money, provided that you shape your skills accordingly. This might sound tough because teaching learning and inquisitive minds is not a child’s play, but if you feel that you are cut out for it, this is also a good career option.

Consultancy Services

Of course, this is a path which needs a lot of hard work, but then which doesn’t? The pay is really good once you establish your reputation.


This is a very good option for the determined ones. Capital can be self-sourced or you may take the loan from a bank. Loans for a start-up has become comparatively easier nowadays. You can get investors to invest in your startup. But as mentioned, this is not a path for weak hearts and minds. You have to have patience and determination, and once you hit it off, the sky is the limit.

This brings us to the end of the article. Hope that you have a better and clearer idea now about what it is that you want to do with your life. Always keep in mind that, no road is the easy way out. Success comes to only those who desperately want it, and work equally hard to achieve it. Nothing is beyond your reach or capabilities if you decide to master it.

There are many people already pursuing all of these career options, talk to them and find out the pros and cons, figure out what you think is the best for you. If they can do it, so can you and if you work with full focus you will be better than them. Have faith in yourself and god almighty. Whatever comes, face it with full confidence, success won’t be far from there.

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