Career options for Electrical Engineering Graduates

Electrical engineering is one of those evergreen branches of engineering that remains in demand regardless of any financial ups and downs. If you are an electrical engineering graduate, you must be thinking about the career opportunities and scope that you will have right after completing the course. Here we will let you know everything about electrical engineering and will guide you what you can probably do right after your engineering degree in electrical branch.

Career In Power Sector

Being a core engineering branch, electrical engineering offers great opportunities in government sector and private sector both with really attractive salary packages and facilities. There are so many private and government power sectors in India that recruit electrical engineering graduates.

Some popular and reputed power sectors industries and companies available in India are NTPC, NHPC, JSW Energy, Adani Power, Tata Power, Reliance, Power Grid etc.

However, to get great opportunities in government PSUs and power sectors you will have to qualify GATE exam with high rank and score. Most of the PSUs and government power sector consider GATE SCORE and Rank as the basic process of selecting an appropriate candidate.

State Electricity Boards

State Electricity Boards are another core electrical sectors that offer huge job opportunities for EE graduates. The great thing with state electricity boards is that they accept applications of fresher graduates and pay great salary packages.

The key roles and designations they offer include maintenance engineer, site engineer, field/site engineer etc. You can expect promotion and appropriate growth in this sector.

Usually, they conduct separate exams to hire engineering graduates, but sometimes they also hire electrical engineers directly on contract basis through analyzing the academic performance and conducting personal interviews.

Designing Jobs

If you’re having appropriate skills in AutoCAD 3D, Autocad 2D etc, you can get into the electrical designing sector. The designing involves responsibilities of the model and circuit designing. It’s one of the finest core engineering sector and is the dream sector/job for most of the engineering graduates.

You expect excellent growth and best salary packages in this field. However, it’s one of the most challenging fields, as all your work efforts and approaches in this field must be towards discovering and offering ideal, efficient and safe & secure designing services to the industry or organization and finally to the consumers/customers.

Maintenance Engineer jobs in Industries

It’s another electrical sector where the demand for electrical engineering graduates never goes down. There are so many industries in India, including metal sector, textile industry, manufacturing industry, power plants etc., that need electrical maintenance engineers to take care of electrical machines, devices, instruments and to take care of overall processes involved in manufacturing and other tasks.

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Here you can expect good salary packages in this sector, but you will have to compromise with the growth. Yes, growth in the maintenance sector is really slow. Overall, it’s one of the finest fields where you can utilize all your electrical engineering skills and earn well. Growth is slow but not impossible. With great efforts and experience, you can surely do really well in this sector.

Indian/State Engineering Services

IES exam is considered as a great opportunity for electrical engineers that can help you to win a dream job with excellent salary packages and other facilities. UPSC conducts this exam annually to hire electrical engineering graduates into the government industries and organizations.

You will have to qualify each and every round involved in the selection process, including the test exam and personal interview round, to win an appropriate government core electrical job. Following are some of the excellent field opportunities offered by IES exam for electrical engineering graduates:

  • Indian Railway Services
  • Central Electrical Engineering Services
  • Indian Naval Armament Services.Defence Services
  • Indian Railway Store Services etc.

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Others Opportunities

The opportunities and scope after electrical engineering are not just limited to 9 to 5  private or government jobs, there are other various career opportunities where you can do really well.

If you love to elaborate laws, principles, concepts, and theories to others, you can be a great teacher. Teaching is one of the finest sectors that offer attractive salary package and other facilities.

Also, you can open a consultancy or you can opt to be an independent contractor. However, to be a contractor its necessary to have sufficient skills to handle projects and other works, thus it’s necessary that you work under some contractors so that you can actually understand the things and gain skills that can establish you as a successful contractor.

Also, after getting a government license you can grab so many big opportunities. Overall, you can yield big profits being a contractor and you can expect growth as well with time and experience.

Further Studies

If you want to opt higher studies after your engineering degree, it will be great for you. There are so many PG courses like MBA and that can boost your career and job profile. Opting something that is in demand and that you are really interested to study, will be a great decision for you. in power electronics, Instrumentation etc. will be best for you as their demand in the job market remains stable. With a PG degree, you will be able to access lots of other opportunities associated and related to your field. There are some reputed organization and industries that seek only master graduates for electrical engineering posts. Also, master course degrees, after completing your graduation course degree, are known to offer great salary packages and other excellent facilities.

You can pursue the master course in India and abroad as well. The only thing that matter is the reputation of the institution or university that will offer you the master degree. Thus, choosing higher studies after completing your electrical engineering degree can boost your career and will give you endless career and job opportunities.


So these are the scope and opportunities that you grab being an electrical engineer. You can do so many things on the basis of your interest to boost your career after completing your engineering degree. Wishing you luck for your future goals. Hope the content was helpful for you.

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