Career options after B.Tech in Civil Engineering in India

Civil engineers are highly in demand these days as the rate of building, highway and other constructions is increasing rapidly. Thus, probably most you can think about pursuing civil engineering course. But do you know the scopes and opportunities that you can access right after the engineering in Civil branch? Well, here we will explain you everything and will guide appropriately to make a bright career as a civil engineer.

Govt Jobs

Once you will complete the civil engineering course, the opportunity door for government sectors will open for you. Some of the great opportunities for civil engineers are as follows:


UPSC conducts so many competitive exams to hire civil engineers in government sectors like Civil Services, Engineering services etc. If you want to get an excellent job in the government sector, The Indian Engineering Service exam is the best option. This exam is conducted every year by UPSC to hire deserving Civil Engineering graduates for government industry and organizations.

With UPSC you access opportunities in following sectors and departments:

  • India Railway Services
  • P&T Building work services
  • Survey Of India Services
  • Central Water Engineering services etc.

Overall, UPSC is the key to get the dream job that offers a great salary and excellent facilities and benefits.


GATE is another great option to get a job in PSUs. It’s the most prestigious exam and considered as one of the toughest competitive exams in India. Some reputed PSUs like Coal India Limited, DMRC etc accept job proposals only through the Gate Score, rank and performance. So, you will have to do really well in GATE to apply for PSUs. PSUs consider GATE score and rank as the first round or stage of their selection process and then conduct Group discussion and personal interview for the final selection. Here is the list of Government jobs for Civil Engineering graduates in India.

There are so many other government job competitive exams like SSC and State Railways and others, that can also help you to get an appropriate job in government sectors

Private Jobs

Private Sector is the place where more than 60% of civil engineering graduates are employed. Due to the high level of competition in government exams, civil graduates these days preferring private sectors over the government sectors. Some key opportunities in private sectors are:

Constructions Companies

Construction companies basically offer practical core jobs. In other words, here you will be able to explore your skills excellently with time. To get into this sector, you must have quality civil engineering skills. There will be so many responsibilities on your shoulder and you will have to work efficiently to survive here.

The kind of salary offered in construction sector is really good and also you will get promotions with time and experience if you will give your 100% effort. There are so many reputed private civil Industries in India like L&T, Jaypee Group, Essar Group, Punj Lloyd etc.

The kind of posts offer in this sector are:

  • Site Engineer (Senior & Junior)
  • Project Engineer (Senior and junior)
  • Maintenance Engineer ( Senior and Junior)

So, by choosing Construction sector after your civil engineering degree can really give you a great start and you can do really well with your career in future. This sector offers the highest salary known for civil engineering graduates.

Other sectors

As said above, the number of job and career opportunities in Civil engineering is endless. There are so many other sectors like manufacturing sector, power sectors, cement, and oil sectors, where you can grab opportunities. The demand of these sectors and the services that they offer will never end and that’s the reason job opportunities will keep increasing with time. These are the common sectors that you can find easily in every state. Also, it’s easy to get into these sectors if you have appropriate skills as the competition is not that high as compared to the construction sector.

However, in this sector, you will have to compromise with the career growth. You will surely get the satisfactory salary packages in this field, but for growth in these sectors, you will have to try really harder.

So, if you want a good start and ready to compromise with the growth, you can start your career in any of these stated private sectors.

Contractor Ship

Contractor ship is basically an independent and personal job. In this field, first of all, you will have to register yourself as a government contractor and make your own team of workers/staffs and then you can offer services to the clients.

However, to start your career with this sector it’s necessary to have great skills and knowledge. Thus, working with any contractor for four or five years is the only way to gain those skills and knowledge.
Once you understand the responsibilities and key roles of a contractor you can start this work personally with your own team.

Here you can’t predict the income, as its like a self-business where you have to deal with profit and loss both. But, with time you can expect great profit in this sector as a contractor.

So, it’s basically a great option, not right after the engineering, but after getting some experience and gaining appropriate skills and knowledge.

Higher Education (MBA/M.Tech etc)

If you want to go with higher studies after the degree in civil engineering, thats actually a great plan. With a master degree along with your engineering degree, can help you to win better jobs. These days, job candidates with a master degree are preferred over any other candidate. However, with a master degree, respective industry or organization expect more efficient work quality in a candidate. Thus, you will have to be careful and study really well throughout your master course.

There is so many master course available, but choosing a relevant to your stream course will be more beneficial for you and your career. You can pursue MBA, M.Tech or any other relevant master course that you think can boost your career and with which you can grab more excellent opportunities in future.


So, that’s the career opportunities and things that you can actually do right after completing the Civil engineering degree. You can choose any of the sectors that we have mentioned above on the basis of your interest and skills. Hope the content helps you and you do better with your career in future.

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